Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie

13 Things I am Thinking About Today

1. Wildwood - We are taking a trip to Wildwood, NJ July1-8 and are renting a condo for the week. My father's siblings and their families will be staying in another condo in the same complex, and Dad will be coming down from CT too. Should be a blast to all be together. My sister just booked her own place to stay yesterday so I have an extra bedroom now in my condo. Maybe I can talk Dad into staying with us instead of getting his own place. The boys would love it.

2. Work - I have about 80 pieces I need to start working on for Monday sometime today. Have been a real SLACKER when it has come to work lately.

3. Bills - I have a ton of bills that I need to pay out between today and tomorrow. I didn't send them out when we got them like normal and they are all approaching due dates by next week! I am slacking in all departments I guess!

4. Italy - We are planning on going to Italy to see Rome, Venice and Florence in August 2007 for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I get to book this trip this August so I have 6 months to research and plan it before booking. I am still so undecided on whether a tour trip or going it on our own would be best. Have to do some more searching.

5. Boys Names - We are *STILL* undecided on a name for this poor child. He is due in about 2 months and is still not named. Poor Baby! At least we are narrowing down the list. The Professor keeps adding his choices which as of lately are Mac or Rick. Ugh.

6. Shopping - I am trying to figure out a way to better plan my meals weekly to cut down on food shopping costs each week. Adding another child to the family will add more shopping list expenses and we already pay lots each week shopping, so any ways to save I am willing to try. Maybe a meal calendar?? Maybe freezer cooking again full force? I am tired of spending $150-$200 a week on food, healthcare, cleaners, etc at Walmart!

7. Yard and Exterior Home Cleanup - I need to call around for estimates on a one time cleanup for my yard to rip out some bushes, trim trees, etc and all that yucky yard work I despise. I also need to get the house pressure washed and probably repainted so need to see how much that will all cost. The bug man will be coming in 2 weeks to do the entire yard for fire ants for the yearly treatment.

8. House Cleanup - Yup, the nesting is hitting full force now and I have a HUGE list of to do things around the house to clean and organize. I am thinking later today I will tackle the laundry room. Pull out the washer and dryer and clean under and behind them, make sure it is organized in there, etc. But I should probably wait for King Papa Bear to move the appliances since he will have a coronary if he knows I did it right now given my current preggo state. Hmmm...I know there is something else on that list I can attempt to accomplish without him.

9. Garage - Hubby really needs to finish the remodeling he started on the garage and get the stuff he has piling in the corner out there into the attic storage space. I am running out of space to hold the overstock of items that need to go up there. Maybe if I block his stuff he needs out there like his MOTORCYCLE parts with the boxes that he will get the hint???

10. Bloodwork - I should hopefully have my glucose results from last week's test tomorrow. Wondering if I will have to go take the 3 hour test next....hoping and praying that I do not.

11. Why relax? - Yesterday I promised hubby I would take the day off and do much of nothing. So I did that for the most part. He cleaned up the house before leaving for work in the morning and ran all the clothes in the washer from the day before so I wouldn't worry about it. So I played online, read a book, played with Lil' Michaelangelo and visited with Mom. Last night we had dinner and cake and the mess from the kids playing all afternoon and evening and all of the "festivities" leftovers was here waiting for me this morning. So why bother taking the day and night off if I have to clean the mess anyway the next day???

12. North Carolina - Hubby's office is considering building a sattelite office in North Carolina sometime in the next year or two. Nothing definite of course, but they would give hubby the option to go and run the office. So I want to look at possible services for Bam-Bam offered by the state there for Autism. Anything would be better than what crap Florida offers.

13. Sleep - I can't sleep at night anymore. Always hot, never comfy, my back always aches and I get pains and aches everywhere (not to mention charlie horses!). I hate this stage of pregnancy and being so damn uncomfortable. I could easily close my eyes and sleep sitting here at the desk! But a nap is certainly not in the cards for me today. Maybe I will try some sleepytime tea tonight before bed and see if I can pass out early. I could always DVR my Thursday night shows....

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