Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie

13 Reasons I am Exhausted

"Mama, wake up!"

1. My 4 year old has Autism and with that at times comes sleep disorders... so each night he is up at least twice for about 30 minutes to an hour each time. Lately he has been up once for about a 2 hour stretch from anywhere between 1am and 4am. Yup....that is fun.

2. My 2 year old has decided he can climb out of his bed at all hours of the night to show me various toys he wants to play with.... in the middle of the night.

3. When my 2 year old is up with the said toys listed above, he needs a drink before he will be coerced back to bed so I have to stumble around the kitchen for water or juice

4. After getting his drink, we must then go through the bedtime ritual - tucked in with a specific blanket and stuffed animal (the choice varies nightly), short story, high five, kiss on the head, and then "Nite Nite Time".

5. This bedtime ritual must be done in his exact anal order or I must start over from the top. This is very frustrating in the wee hours of the a.m. when I am exhausted and have *just* gotten his brother back to bed.

6. My husband wakes up each morning at 4:30am and leaves the house by 5am to go to the gym and then to work - both opf which are a 45 minute drive from our house with no traffic at that time in the morning. His alarm wakes me daily if even for only a minute, yet I seem to be able to sleep through mine alot which should go off at 6am....if by chance I am actually asleep at that time.

7. Sometimes he is not as quiet as he should be and it also wakes the kids.....

8. When this happens this means Mommy is awake now too for the day.... at 4:30am

9. Mommy is 32 weeks pregnant and when all children outside of the womb are actually sleeping, chances are the child inside of the womb is practicing his future soccer skills

10. This pregancy has been hell on my back this time around so sleeping positions are difficult

11. And when the back aches are cooperating with me I will then wind up with Charlie Horses in my calves which are pure murder and bring me right out of the sleep I was finally able to get!

12. I have hardly had any kind of caffeine for the last 32 weeks except a Coke here and there on RARE occasion

13. You would think my 8 year old would be the easy one - but he is the earliest riser of all up daily at 5am by choice! So if by chance I am actually sleeping at 5am...the child comes into the room showered and ready for school to ask for something he knows he can get out of his exhausted incoherent mom like ice cream for breakfast which I will say yes to and then realize it moments later only to rush up and out of bed to stop him......

(Just an FYI - my husband offers to get up with each child always but they refuse and *must* have "mama wake up". So he is not just lying there snoring away while I go through hell in his defense)

So I am tired....exhausted really and it will only get worse soon when I have an infant to also occupy my nights! Pity the mama, please! :)

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