Friday, April 07, 2006

Thursday/Friday Thirteen

I realize it is Friday, but I haven't done one of these in awhile....and I just got out of the shower.....

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie

13 Reasons Shaving Sucks while Pregnant

1. Anything out of your line of sight when you look down because it is blocked by your tummy should be forgotten until after delivery

2. Trying to reach down OVER the large basketball protusion now known as your stomach

3. If you are actually able to reach over your stomach, you are now experiencing pain in your back trying to hold this uncomfy position

4. Don't forget the heaping breaths you are taking because you are cutting off your air supply hunched over

5. And now I am light-headed at this point

6. Did I mention that I have just reached my knee with the razor after going through all of the above????

7.. Trying to reach below the knee with your razor is just not practical in the hunched over baby belly position

8. So now I am forced to squat near the floor in the shower to get the razor past my knee and down to my ankles

9. This demeaning animal-like position begins to hurt my legs

10. Then my feet start to cramp from the amount of weight being forced down onto them and shifting around to get all possible angles before the pins and needles start in my legs

11. Now I have to attempt to stand without losing my balance on the wet tile on legs that are tingling

12. And the process repeats for the other leg!

13. Ugh!!!! To go through it all yet again in just a a few days time......

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    Posted By Melanie @ 10:39 PM |
    OMG.. LOL.. i can't wait to bitch about being pregnant! LOL.. FUN!
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