Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie
13 RANDOM Things

1. Tonight is Nick's 3rd Grade School play. He has a two line speaking part and is very excited.

2. His father and I are attending alone while the rest of the boys enjoy Baked Ziti with their Aunt Kiki at our house.

3. We will be visiting Lowes tonight after the play to price garden pond kits.

4. We will also be looking for something to remove a little furry thing I saw in the garage this morning. Hoping he left on his own since I left the door open a bit but if not he's taking his leave one way or another. I like Mickey Mouse....not a garage one.

5. Tomorrow begins a weekend of house projects for me. Yippee! I hate doing it but the end result will be grand!

6. I will start tomorrow by cleaning and organizing my closet. It seems to be the bottomless pit of storage for anything and everything in our house that does not have a proper home. I want to be able to get to my clothes again.

7. The kids have a birthday party on Saturday afternoon for a friend's step-child. She wants Bratz dolls, Bratz clothing, Bratz make-up, Bratz anything. I would not buy those for my own kids but whatever - I have boys thank God.

8. Sunday is the Autism Walk for Jake! I am so looking forward to going to a place where any of Jake's stims or outbursts do not draw one single stare since everyone there is so familiar with it all.

9. Next week we have lots of appointments and meetings. The biggest one is Matthew's next cardiologist visit and full testing - EKG, Chest XRays, the whole nine. Can't wait for that to be over with!

10. My mother goes in for surgery tomorrow morning to see if the cysts and abnormal cells in her uterus and on her ovaries are cancerous. They will be removed along with part of her uterus lining. And she is crazy enough to think she will be at the walk Sunday and in work on Monday. Looney lady....

11. I am in Disney withdrawl. I am dying to go back even for a day. Trying to find the money and time to escape there.

12. I am no longer working for my BIL's company which makes #11 very hard to do! Happy about having more time for house stuff and for the boys.

13. I'm completely tired of these 85 degree days. I want to turn off my a/c and I want my electric bill to go down. Yes I know I should not complain since I live here I deal with the temps but I would love to see some fall temps! I would trade in a day at the beach to go apple picking any day!

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    Posted By Melanie @ 1:46 PM |
    Here from Michele.

    This is one of the most colorful blogs I have ever seen and that little crew of goblins is adorable.... the tiniest one is a miniature Yoda isn't he?
    Hi Melanie. Dropping in from Michele's tonight.

    I'd be happy to send you some of this newly-arrived Ontario cold. It's been below zero (Celsius) for a couple of days, and I'm really starting to question my whole bike-commuter thing.

    I'll say a prayer for your mom. Hope all went well for her today.
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