Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Little of this and a little of that

Lil' Michaelangelo LOVED his Elmo (or "em-o") party over the weekend and got tons of cool outfits as well as some great new (and annoying) toys. But he was happy. Remind me to thank my brother-in-law for the My First Viper car with the remote control that plays "It's a Small World" over and over and over and over again. I love Disney but even I have limits here people!
Bam-Bam made a potty training step today coming in from outside to use the potty instead of using his diaper to pee!!! VERY big move for him. Maybe we can beat the odds for potty training boys with autism beofre age 6 (yes, I said age 6). Lil' Mikey is starting to notice (finally) so I am going to begin getting him on there throughout the day. Two kids potty training at once *Shudders* as if one isn't bad enough!!! :)
The Professor is already planning his upcoming birthday party for the end of September. He wants a Harry Potter birthday party with a Magical theme complete with a performing magician. He will be 8 this year and I promised to let him invite the kids in his class this year (all 26) so I guess we will have to do something large scale like that to entertain them, right???
My BIL was over all day with his two girls so with 5 children running amuck the house had gone from clean to disaster to clean again now and from sounding like a circus complete with elephant noises to a nice quiet - the only sound is King Papa Bear and I typing away on our respective computers before winding down for the night and heading off to bed.
On the autism front, we have received the FL Elks application and have filled it out to mail out tomorrow. The school is now requiring their own re-evaluation of Bam-Bam by their autism specialist before they will schedule an IEP meeting for me even though their specialist saw him last year and told me his evaluation of Bam-Bam was inconclusive since he was not a doctor to give a diagnosis of autism one way or the other. They are stalling .... so on the positive side it gives me more time to research special ed laws to fight for services but it also means a longer wait for Bam-Bam's IEP to change with new services. What else is new????
Til next time.....

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