Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Trip Report Part 3

TUESDAY JULY 26, 2005:
The terrible twos.....they are such an awful time for parents and even worse when the traits are displayed during your vacation where you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. I think I can speak for both Papa Bear and myself when I say we were ready to ask someone to take Lil' Mikey home! I know it is awful to admit but dear God forgive me he was AWFUL on Tuesday. The entire trip he had his screaming fits, power struggles, etc....normal to be expected behavior for an almost 2 year old. Tuesday was a whole other ball game. We decided to hit our favorite park - Epcot. We went to breakfast at the Counter Service place at the resort - Roaring Forks, cheap quick and a big enough selection to please us all for most of our meals so this is where we picked up food. Lil' Mikey started the morning kicking and yelling while in line to get food and continued being bratty during the meal. On the bus to Epcot he was not happy to have to sit with me instead of by himself since the bus was crowded so more screaming and kicking. Once we got into Epcot and got a stroller he proceeded to refuse to get in. Once finally strapped in he continued to kick and scream and thrash around while also smacking Bam-Bam who was sitting quietly beside him. Somehow God intervened and the child calmed down enough that we decided to stay and look around. Innovations is one of our favorite "cooling" spots to check out the game areas, etc in ice cold a/c. We hit the first game spot and Lil' Michaelangelo found a way to leap out of the stroller (yes he was strapped in but figured out how to undo the strap) and played video games alongside of The Professor while Bam-Bam watched for a bit before we headed over to the Stanley monitors and checked those out. When it was time to leave both Bam-Bam and Lil' Mikey had a fit and wouldn't leave, screaming, crying and kicking and we even had a hard time getting The Professor out of there. So we decided to walk over by the Living Seas and check out the Nemo exhibit figuring that would make them calm and recharge us as well. On the way there, Nemo came out for pictures so we lined up as the 4th group of people and went up for a picture with Nemo to which Lil' Mikey decided was an excuse to smack the Nemo and try to run away (the picture we managed to take shows me trying to manage a smile while holding on to his shirt so he doesn't run). We did make it into the Living Seas to see the aquarium and Nemo stuff which the kids loved and it really did calm them down. We spent a long time in there looking around and visiting all of the fish, seeing the manatee and watching the dolphin show. Everyone seemed happy so we headed over to Spaceship Earth and rode that. Lil' Mikey fell asleep on the ride so we decided to head back to the resort for naps. Wouldn't you know the moment I laid him down on the bed he woke up. So we grabbed a Roaring Forks lunch and tried to get the kids to nap some more while Papa Bear and I read our books they watched a movie on Papa Bear's laptop laying down in bed. No one slept so we decided to get ready and head back out to Epcot and have dinner in one of the the countries and visit the World showcase. Waiting at the bus stop for the Epcot bus was a disaster. Poor Professor and Bam-Bam. Lil' Mikey refused to sit and was trying to run into the road. Then he wanted to splash and throw water from the water fountain all over everyone and was not at all satisfied with the "No" answers he was getting from me so he decided to drop to the ground screaming, crying, kicking and turned so red I thought he was going to have a stroke of some sort. That was when we decided to call it a night and headed back to the room. I had to carry Lil' Mikey all the way back to our room kicking and screaming through the halls and down the elevator. He continued to yell and cry for almost an hour in the room. So we stayed in that night doing nothing but watching TV and Papa Bear read more of Harry Potter while I started my second book I brought. Dinner we ordered in for the night from Roaring Forks again. Everyone wound up in bed EARLY!!!

Today was Papa Bear's driving experience at the Richard Petty Raceway that we got him for Father's Day....but that wasn't until the afternoon. So in the morning, Papa Bear had promised The Professor to take him on the big slides at Blizzard Beach and they left bright and early to hit the big water slides at the park opening since the lines get long fast. Bam-Bam, the less satanic version of Lil' Mikey today and I stayed behind in the room in the a/c playing with toys they had gotten and watching Playhouse Disney. Once Papa Bearand the Professor returned a little while later we grabbed food and got ready to go to the Speedway. Family is welcome to attend and watch but the viewing area is not designed for little kids and certainly not for Bam-Bam. So luckily the lot is set up that you can watch from your car so instead I piled the kids back into the car after Papa Bear was all signed in and we pulled up close to watch while I set them up with snacks and drinks and things to occupy them. Luckily Lil' Michaelangelo fell asleep almost immediately and Bam-Bam and The professor looked at their books and snacked. Papa Bear came out with his class not to long after donning a stunning jumpsuit racers wear while they piled in the van to take a test drive of the track. Everyone posed for photos and started to get ready for their own personal driving experience. We signed Papa Bear up for the Rookie Experience which meant he got to drive for 9 laps all by himself to a max speed of 130mph. All of the drivers were fitted for helmets and Papa Bear was first up. Each person had to follow an instructor in a car ahead of them around the track, having to keep up or the instructor would not drive faster. Papa Bear drove the EA Sports car and did his 9 laps clocking a max speed of 120mph. He did great. We bought the plaque and pictures to go along with his certificate of completion as a keepsake. He had fun which is what we wanted. We also blew off the parks this day too and hung around the resort checking out different areas and swimming for a long time. Sleepy time again was early for the kids but we managed to stay awake to read like a little old married couple......oh yeah, we are a little old married couple!!!!

Today was our last day at the parks.....luckily everyone woke up in a fairly good mood. Crossing our fingers for the day!!!! We had some breakfast and decided to head back to Magic Kingdom in the morning, got some photos taken by the castle, then bought Mickey ears to have embroidered with each of the boys' names. We headed out into the park and hit Winnie the Pooh again. Then we got on Pirates of the Caribbean and saw Tom Sawyer's Island too. We had lunch at Papa Bear's favorite place to eat at Magic Kingdom - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. This would be our second time eating here this trip. This time it was really busy and we couldn't find any tables inside so we ate on the terrace area in time for one of the castle shows. Apparently the afternoon castle show has added some small booming fireworks to it since we last were there and Bam-Bam was not happy when they sounded off. He wouldn't leave Papa Bear's lap for a good 10 minutes afterward. After our longest stretch yet in the parks since the boys were being so well behaved, we left at about 2pm to head back to the resort for a cooling break and naps and then had planned to head back to Epcot. While the boys watched a new DVD they picked out while I was picking up our photo, I started to pack up the room whilePapa Bear tried to finish Harry Potter. I was done after some time and the kids wanted to go out so we got ready to head back to Epcot. Once there we got The Porfessor his first pin lanyard and pins to start collecting like his mom. We headed over to the World showcase to start walking around the worlds when the sky opened up and it started to pour, thunder and lightning. To this time we had been lucky and got little to no rain during the trip and didn't get caught in any. So our luck ran out and we got stuck in a large shop in China for an hour with tons of other people. This of course began to change the kids good mood to cranky. But we managed. We laughed at the people filming and taking pictures of the crazy Florida rain. You could tell who lived here and who did not by their reaction to the storm. After an hour we left China and walked around more hitting Japan in time to watch the drum show Papa Bear and I love. We walked through the rest of the Worlds and then packed it in to head back to the resort. Our last Roaring Forks dinner and a last night dip in the pool and we were tucking in the kids. Our trip was over and tomorrow we were heading home....

FRIDAY JULY 29, 2005:
We slept in a bit and finally woke up to have our very last breakfast at the Wilderness Lodge (for this trip anyway) and made sure to pack the last of our items hanging around our room. We called up to Bell Services to get the luggage loaded in the truck and then we were off. Taking the back roads home again, we got home in the afternoon and relaxed for the rest of the night. Dozer Dog came home after Grandma Yvette brought him back Saturday morning. Thank you Grandma Yvette and Papa Jay for taking good care of our doggie!!! We were looking forward to a Saturday night comedy hypnotist show with my uncle in town and a relaxing weekend. We had a great time!!! Hope you all enjoyed our recap!!!!

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