Monday, December 19, 2005

2 Down....

2 to go. For Christmas parties, that is. I was dreading both parties we had this weekend. One was my "work" party which wasn't too bad. The food was catered from Outback so that was good. ;) Everything turned out okay anyway even with the prize giveaways and ridiculous trivia my BIL cooked up about the business - his $100 trivia questions. I didn't win anything. Oh well. We stayed for 2 hours before leaving and heading out to the next party for a woman in Papa Bear's office. She is always fun - drunk and loud, but still fun. I was dreading this party because there is someone I had to meet that I do not like that hubby works with. Not getting into all that here or now, but let's just say the person confirmed every awful thought I have had about them so I will continue not to like them.

I did get quite the surprise though on Saturday night. On the way to party #2, we took the long way around skipping the highway and taking the scenic beach route. King Papa Bear pulled off into Lovers Key Beach Club Resort where he booked us a king suite for the night to have some time away alone after the parties. He even set up his mama to watch the boys and everything without me knowing. What a guy! :) The room was a gorgeous one bedroom suite with a stunning view (especially with the moon over the water on Saturday night). There was a huge whirlpool tub that was really nice to relax in and the deck over the beach was a nice place to have a drink in the morning. We even got to sleep in a little! It was very nice.

Kids are home today. All week. And all next week too! Shall I start pulling out my hair now??? My clean hose is already being trampled! So with that said, I am gonna go visit the mamas at SSM before signing off to try to make it clean once more. And so winter break begins....

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