Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thirteen Things about Melanie
13 Things Lil' Michaelangelo Does as a TERRIBLE TWO to Drive Me Insane!

1. Tries to shave his face with Daddy's razor

2. Grabs a water bottle from the fridge and proceeds to drink and spit-spray it all over my glass sliders

3. Makes me take trips to the ER - Jan. 2005 for 2nd degree burns after pulling a tea mug onto his face and chest and then just yesterday after falling head first into the glass table in the living room and getting stitches above his right eye (NOTE TO SELF - wrap him in bubble wrap in January each year!)

4. Chases poor Dozer Dog around the house with a Light Saber yelling "Hi-yah!" at him

5. Decides how fun it would be to be like Mama and colors his face with my eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and other makeup right before I have to go out to get his brothers from school

6. When taking a bath, likes to see just how far over the tub wall he can get the waves of water he likes to create

7. Yells at the top of his lungs during a PUBLIC tantrum - "Help Me!" as I try to pick him up kicking and screaming with everyone looking on

8. Takes all of the clean laundry out of the dressers in my room to try on both Daddy's and Mama's shirts. After he is done playing "dress-up" he leaves them in crumpled piles on the floor

9. Tries to clean the toilet bowl with the toilet brush but winds up playing in the toilet water (nasty child) and dumping it all over the floor to slide in back and forth to the doorway

10. Thinks he is an alchemist of some sort and likes to mix numerous liquids i numerous cups pouring them back and forth into each while spilling most of the liquid all over my rug

11. Climbs onto the living room table and jumps - with plenty of air - to the couch. Then after a few times of doing this will push the table back further to see if he can still jump far enough! AHHHHHH!!!!!

12. Colors his masterpieces all over my walls (Thank god for Mr. Clean Eraser). There is yet another "Face!" in my hallway with eyes, nose, mouth, and hair mama!

13. When asked "who made this mess!?!" will sit up/stand up/ come and look at mess with incriminating evidence in hand and hold out both hands, shrug, and say "I dunno Mama. I jus' dunno."

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