Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gonna be a day....

Well The Professor came into my rom last night asking me for school clothes - I had washed all of his uniform pants before bed and threw them in a basket in my room instead of folding and putting them away. I was telling him where they were when through half asleep eyes I realized what my alram clock said - 2:10am!!!! The child wakes up at about 5am every morning so the fact that it was dark outside didn't phase me, but he woke up and figured it was time to start the day. He had already showered and everything and was waiting for his clothes WIDE AWAKE. Needlesss to say hubby and I tried to convince him to go back to sleep but he did not fall asleep again until after 5am. So I let him sleep this morning and now he is home with me which means I had to reschedule my bloodwork this morning for Friday morning. Right now he is awake and in cleaning his room that he did not finish last night.... didn't I tell you??? Luckily his teacher sends home a work list every Monday so he knows what work to do from the books he has home that way he won't be too behind from the day off. We did finish his projects last night before dinner and I must say his Family Hat came out really good! His valentines's mailbox has a couple of red and white hearts on it near his name in gold glitter but other than that it is decorated in characters he drew from Teen Titans, Cartoon Network shows, etc.. So he followed directions and did include traditional Valentine's Day decor and his own little twist. ;)
Still feeling a little off today so I am going to attempt to take it easy as much as possible but do a little work, a little laundry, and some straightening up at least so I don't have too much to do for tomorrow. I actually kept a bagel down this morning so that is a good sign.
LOST is on tonight. God I love that show!!! I have started to become such an addict that even though we have a DVR I will not make any plans for Wednesday nights to be home for it! Unless there is a school function that is the only way I will miss it! Isn't that insane??? Anything else I will DVR and watch later except LOST. I am not a crazy fan that looks for all the hidden symbols or anything like that but I have been watching since the premiere and haven't missed one's so good!! If you don't watch it - why the hell not!?!?!? You should! ;)
Here it is almost 11am and I have hardly done a thing...well I did run one load of laundry so far and took out the garbage this morning so there are two things done, but I really need to do more. So off I go to do something productive. Maybe I will check my email one more time first ... ;)

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