Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie

13 TV shows I Watch

Hey, I have 3 kids with one on the way so I do not have an exciting life, what can I say????

1. LOST - Jack and Sawyer....oh my! Need I say more??? But I will. Love the crazy twisty story lines in this show and how when you think one thing is happening it is really something else. Can't wait to see what plays out next!

2. 24 - I am such a Jack Bower fan! I love the frantic nature of this show.

3. Survivor - I have watched every season but one. My very favorite Reality show. Ruppert is still my all time favorite....and I still loathe Rob and Amber. Blah.

4. American Idol - I will admit it....I do watch this show. The ridiculous try outs in the beginning always get me hooked. Some are great and others are like the car wreck you just can't help but look at.

5. The OC - I DVR this every week and watch it sometime before the next week's episode. It brings me back to my 90210 days. And I just love quirky Seth.

6. CSI (Las Vegas) - Love this show. Can't get into the other CSI's for some reason but this one I love to watch and hardly miss. C'mon...the guys aren't too bad to look at and you know the way they solve the crime is too interesting not to grab your attention most days. Gotta love Gil and all his "useless" knowledge, although not useless in his line of work, apparently!

7. The Amazing Race - I would so go do this show if I did not have my kids to worry about. The travel and different things these people get to experience would be great in itself and the money wouldn't be too bad either!!!

8. Everybody Loves Raymond - I just laugh and laugh everytime I see it. I watch the re-runs almost every night with hubby. I guess we can really relate to this show since we are married with kids and have nutty family members too.

9. Law and Order SVU - This show is capitvating mainly because I want to see the sick criminal punished. Sometimes it gets too real for me to handle watching. Especially some of the storylines involving the young children. But I watch most weeks anyway. Although I can't get the naked convict Elliot played from HBO's Oz out of my head when I see him so I have a hard time taking him seriously!

10. The Sopranos - I'm a Jersey Girl at heart and this show reminds me of home! ;) Not to mention every time I watch I can point out where they are filming. I love mafia movies and shows so why not this one! All of the old Italian addages, foods and other things remind me of my grandmother and her family so it is always fun to watch. Can't wait for it to start again!

11. Seinfeld - Yup, I can still watch all of these re-runs too and laugh and laugh and laugh. My favorites are the Soup Nazi episode and the one where Elaine dances. Oh. My. God. How I laugh when she dances!

12. Days of Our Lives - Don't get to watch this one too often but I am a fan of DAYS and even after I miss a few months of it I can turn it on and pretty much pick up on the storyline again within a show or two! lol They are all pretty much the same, aren't they??? Bo and Hope together or not, Marlena in peril and John trying to save her, Sami is scheming, and the rest of the norm.... :) And yet still we watch....

13. Sex and the City - Still watch the re-runs on this one too on occasion since I missed most of the last season. Don't know why the show makes me watch. I hated Carrie when she broke Aidan's heart! And Miranda and Steve drove me insane. Charlotte is annoying although loved her with Harry. And Samantha is well...nasty but you have to watch them all! So I do.

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