Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Decisions Decisions

So do we uproot the family in about a year's time or not???

Hubby's office is in the process of trying to open another office in Charlotte, North Carolina area. This presents an opportunity for hubby to go up there and run the new office. A large move for him in the next logical direction for his career. No doubt of how well he will do at this so job security is not any kind of factor for us in this decision.

We will be a family of 6 - 2 adults, 4 kids, plus a dog moving north away from all family and friends and knowing a total of 2 people (2 single men that work with hubby who will most likely also transfer to the new office).

So do we take the plunge and do it??? My concerns of course are how the school system is there and what kind of services they offer for Autism. The whole idea of not having one single person near us to help with the kids, lean on, etc is a scary notion to me, but I think this may be the best decision for our family in the long run. Any state has better services for children with disabilities than the one we live in now so that is a HUGE major plus and notch in the "Pros" column for the move. And that alone could almost seal the deal for me.

I do feel bad for my kids though who will not grow up with their cousins who live here with us now. And the little ones will hardly know their grandparents since two grandmothers will still live in FL and a grandfather is up north in CT. So that is of course a "Con" for the move. Ugh - I hate having to make decisions like this.

Who knows - the whole thing could fall through and never happen and then I won't have to worry about it at all. But I do know that my hubby and his boss will be taking a short trip up there in 3 months to start scouting for the office. Sounds real enough to me that we will need to make some kind of choice here.... and probably soon!

Off to reserach North Carolina some more....

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