Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hump Day

Feels like it should be Friday already.....

We finally finished and officially filed our taxes thanks to having to wait for some documents from my boss, aka pain in the ass BIL last night! Well I had them all worked out already but needed the official forms from BIL to file and it was a good thing I waited since there was some discrepancies but that's a whole other story that I do not want to rehash! Good news is we get a refund!!! So can't wait for that money to get into the bank account so I can finish up baby shopping and buy the stuff to fix up the kids' rooms before baby comes next month and pay off our vacation balance early for the summer and then put the rest away.

I could not sleep last night to save my life. My head was too busy trying to process too much stuff - stuff to do, stuff I need to buy, worries about this that and the other, etc. So I have been awake since 3:20am!!! And it is starting to take its toll as I sit here not wanting to do a darn thing other than sleep. I actually broke down and hit Publix after dropping Bam-Bam off at school and bought coffee to make - NOT decaf but regular. So you have to know I was really dragging this morning to do that! Poor Papa Bear woke up in a panic this morning when I was not in bed, in the bathroom or living room but calmed down once he saw me at the dining room table on the laptop. This was at about 4:30am so he was just waking up. He skipped the gym and sat with me at the table for an hour gabbing about baby stuff and house stuff and our new working arrangements we are setting up for me.

I currently work for my BIL's business from home refurbishing laptop backs that he then resells. This means that after I prep them they need to be painted - which my hubby does in the paint booth in our garage. Well hubby's main job has become quite demanding recently with all of his new responsibilities since the manager was let go so he has rarely any time to paint these. My MIL however who also works for my BIL wants to help out for extra money. So as it turns out we will be starting to work with her next week. I will do the first prep stage of the parts and drop them at her house where we will move all of the paint stuff to and she will do the paint stages and we will split the money 50/50. She is very excited since she needs the extra money. The only thing that worries me is that I will now be making half of what I did before - but at the same time hubby is bringing home more with all of the overtime he has in and will have for the next few months at least. So I am hoping it all works out okay. Worst case senario is we don't do as many recreational things as before but we still pay the bills! :) So can't complain too much can I???

Now saying that...we are skipping out on our Italy trip for August 2007 since we will need to use hubby's bonus in September to fund home improvements to prep the house to sell when the North Carolina office opens. BUT - my darling friend, AHEM - Allison! gave me this nasty little link to Disney Cruise Line's new Mediterranean Cruises!!! And like an idiot I passed it on to my hubby who now is all gung-ho to find a way to book one! So much for saving the money for home improvements!! :) I'm guessing he'll change his mind on that as North Carolina progresses more because I know he really wants to move there asap!

Okay I have had 2 cups of coffee *WITH* caffeine so I am a little blabber-mouth-like at the moment which should explain the blabbering post! Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!! :)

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