Friday, April 07, 2006

I know, I know....

I am not doing very well keeping up things around here. I am trying to get motivated to come online again but hardly visit my Mommy sites I love! I have been missing my daily reads on everyone else's blog too! I am hoping to get back to things next week. Right now things are hectic - I can't be sitting still too long both because of third trimester discomforts and nesting instincts that have me ripping apart my home! I did get the kids' rooms primed and re-painted and the rugs cleaned. We bought new beds for the boys and got the rooms set up so all is ready in that corner of the house. Next will be cleaning my bedroom rug and the living room. Hopefully at Easter we will have everything done and ready.

Next week the kiddos are off for Spring Break so that should be fun!!! *rolls eyes*

And then another holiday... and then the countdown to the baby's arrival really begins!

(now I need to go get some house stuff done just re-reading that!)

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i was out looking for harry potter sites to get ideas for mine... and somehow landed here. still haven't figured out the search engines. anyway... looks good.
harry potter merchandise
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