Friday, April 14, 2006

Mom Issues

I have been so irritable with my kids this week and honestly just in general lately. I have found myself yelling at them constantly. So much so that I caught myself doing it yesterday again and I realized I could not remember the last day that went by where I had not blown up at them about something. Granted, I am in the last weeks of my pregnancy so hormones are raging and I am on edge...but is that really an excuse???

I feel terrible about it. Really I do. But I can't seem to get a handle on it right now. I know I am stressed with the baby coming soon and everything that needs to be done. I am tired....I can't sleep, I feel like every part of my body has aches and pains that will never go away, and I am moving slower than ever. It takes everything in me to get the house somewhat straightened up right now let alone really cleaned like I normally do. As soon as I spend an hour cleaning one room and move into the next, the children have trashed the first room and I lose it. That is generally what I am yelling at them about. The mess. Everywhere I turn...a mess. I don't know when they forgot how to pick things up or just clean up after themselves, but it is really bothering me now. Maybe they always didn't and I just did it for them before but can't do it as much right now so I notice more, I don't know. But I can't stand it! The mess is taking over my house and making me insane. Ugh.

I hope once the baby is here that my current bad attitude will be gone. I am trying to think before yelling but so far I have already yelled at the boys once this morning after finding a box of cereal over turned on their newly cleaned bedroom carpet and my two little ones dancing in the Kix crushing them into the rug. So that was a moment I didn't think first but went with the "WHAT do you think you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" . Must try harder I guess.

Someone wanna come help me clean up and save my ailing sanity????

Posted By Melanie @ 10:24 AM |
It will get better after baby arrives! I have the same hormonal outbursts. I try to think before I yell... but just can't control it. Plus being cranky, tired, achy, sore, and as big as a whale... my temper is the last thing on my mind. I hope the end is near for you!! Hang in there hun. (ps. if you find someone to help you.. please send them my way!!)
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