Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about getting Dozer Dog ?
It was Friday, February 18, 2005.
Hubby called me to tell me he was on his way out the door and on the way home from work around normal time. About an hour later he called me back to tell me he still hadn't left yet because he and a guy from work were trying to help a girl from work with this dog. Apparently she found him earlier in the week in very bad shape - he had been poorly treated, beaten and abandoned. She was unable to keep him any longer and got stood up by the person that evening who was going to take him in so she was trying to find alternate arrangements for him. She had just had him at the vet that day for shots, treatment, etc. So knowing I am a sucker for dogs, hubby asks if we can take him in for the weekend while she tries to make arrangements for the dog and this way we can see how the kids take to a dog. So of course I agree feeling bad for this poor guy whi I am told is a black lab/boxer mix and is only about 6months - 1 year old. So hubby takes all the stuff from his co-worker and brings him home as I prep the boys that a dog is coming to "visit" us for the weekend and will leave Monday morning with Daddy when he goes to work.
Daddy arrived with the dog who was ALOT larger than I was expecting him to be given his age. The kids were as skittish with him as he was with them. Everytime the dog came near Lil Michaelangelo, he would drop to the ground and cover his head with his hands to block the dog from him. Even The Professor was very nervous near him and really avoided him at first. The one I was most worried about, Bam-Bam seemed to be the one who was fine near the dog and even petted him without being coaxed or prompted to do so.
By Saturday morning, the kids were thrilled to have the dog in the house and wanted him to stay. I went food shopping that morning and came home with tons of stuff for our "guest". By that evening The Professor was begging us to keep the dog. After a bit of a family discussion, we decided to keep him. The Professor liked the name that he was given by the girl from work - Dozer - so we kept it. It took him about a month to not be so afraid here, especially of my kitchen broom, etc. It even took over a month before we heard him bark. Even now he hardly makes any noise except when outside on occasion. He is such a big baby so how he ever made it alone is beyond me, but I am happy to have him as part of our family.
And now over a year later we still have our Dozer Dog!

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