Friday, April 28, 2006

Past D-Day

Yup, as always I am PAST my due date.

Do people really find it amusing to call on the phone and as soon as I answer say something completely assinine like "You're still there????" or "Haven't you had that baby yet???" They make me wanna reach through the phone and backhand them right across the mouth. Ugh.

Yes, I am cranky at this point. It will be worse next week when - yes - I will still be here!

My OB appointment on Wednesday results: Cervix check still showing no signs of activity not to mention my doctor said the baby's head has not come down far enough yet to get things moving along. We discussed induction again which I would really not like to go through but at this point being as uncomfortable and in pain as I am lately I am definitely considering it. Anyway, I have another appointment for next Wednesday in which if nothing happens by then I will be hooked up to the monitors and do a stress test and some other tests to be sure everything is alright and then be scheduled for induction after the fact. So unless this baby decides to get his ass in gear in the next week he will most likely be making his debut the earliest late next week or early in the second week of May.

Keep your fingers crossed that he decides to come on his own and VERY soon! I am dying here!!!!

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