Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Pillow problems....

First let me explain about Jake's Pillow otherwise known as "pa-po". Jake has lots of sensory issues that accompany his Autism. One of the things he does is rock back and forth on his knees and also enjoys lightly bumping his head into his hands. He began doing this really early on when all of his issues started to surface as a release. He had the pillow from his toddler bed that he would bump his head into and rock on. The rocking and bumping was an all day affair....about every 20 minutes or so. This pillow pretty much died after a year but we needed a replacement immediately. I had gotten Nick and Jake these big Scooby Doo Body Pillows from a catalog and Jake immediately decided this huge pillow would be his new favorite pillow. Now this pillow came with us everywhere and I mean everywhere. This large body pillow slung over Jake's shoulder and carried through every type of dirt that you could imagine dragging along the ground. It was hell to wash. The stuffing had separated inside after some time from being carried over Jake's shoulder the way he did. This pillow has been around for about 3 years now. Jake, of course, has worked through some of his sensory needs and only needed to rock on the pillow maybe twice per day now. Well, recently pillow busted its bottom seam and all the remaining stuffing fell out. So we are left with a very tattered pillow case instead which Jake is fine with miraculously. Also it's much easier on Adam and I to transport from place to place and MUCH easier to wash! Jake still drags this pillow with him everywhere. It sits next to him on the floor while he plays, rides in the car with us and is in his grasp while he sleeps.

My problem...Alex all of a sudden decided that he also wants "pa-po" and tries to steal it from Jacob often. Poor Jacob does not understand what is going on and looks as though his best friend has been kidnapped when he realizes pillow is missing from his side. My little Alexander is a bit of a hellion as most of you know from prior posts and seems to rather enjoy Jake's reaction more than the prospect of having pillow all for himself when he steals it away. Giving him an alternative pillow case that we have in the linen closet to save Jake from his little evil pleasure of theft doesn't seem to work, but I am hoping the luster wears off soon. Jacob's immediate heartbreak at the prospect of a lost "pa-po" breaks my heart too. :(

Siblings can be mean.

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When you wish upon a star...
The poor little guy! I can relate to the special pillow thing. My sister had an elephant pillow that she carried everywhere. At the airport in Lebanon, they wanted to send it through the xray machine. She decided that she wasn't sending Mr. Elephant into the pit of darkness, so she grabbed him and took off running. Guys with machine guns tried to stop her. Nothin' doin'! I had to run and catch her before she took off to God knows where!
Everyone has their special lovey... Your sweet boy should hang onto his until he's ready to give it up. As for his mischievous sibling... He'd best watch out... payback is... you know...
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