Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years

Very hard to believe it has been five years already since 9-11. I can still remember the date very vividly as I am sure most can. It is one of those historic events that is now part of my life that I will always remember and every single detail down to where I was, what I was doing and even what I was wearing that day. I remember having an assignment as a child to ask relatives where they were when JFK was killed and now it seems that I will also have a major despairing event of my own to recall to younger children some day.

This morning Nicholas and I were talking about 9-11 on the way to school. We lived in NJ about 30-40 minutes from the city at the time. He was only 3 about to turn 4 when it happened. The horrific images of the planes and burning buildings all over the news upset him when he was little and even today he can still recall it. He remembers shopping with me in BJ's for socks, Tshirts and toiletries to send to Ground Zero for the emergency personnel there helping out. And he remembers all of the flags everywhere - on the sides of the highway, all over the stores and malls, on every car, every home, Tshirts and all. He was worried about it happening again sometime in the future and told me he hopes the airports are now safe enough. Its hard to be reassuring to him knowing all of the possible ways horrible attacks can take place. I pray he will not ever have to see anything like that ever again so close to home and that he can always feel safe.

It's a very sad day to remember but seeing it again through the eyes of your child almost makes it worse if that is even possible, since all you want to do is protect them from things like that.

What do remember about that day?

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