Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Renewal Dilemma

Only a little under a year away and we have already hit our first snafu.

Adam and I are disagreeing on one semi-important thing. Sending an invitation to a certain relative of mine. Now as much as I agree with my wonderful husband about this person being a horse's ass mosrt days I was not brought up to disrespect a relative like that - no matter how much he may deserve it. Adam on the other hand does not like this relative and feels that this particluar person has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to me and our family. He would be absolutley correct. But this person is a close relative. Not a distant annoying cousin twice removed or anything but an actual close relative that not inviting this person would also cause some issues with other invited relatives - namely my mother.

How do I make Adam see that this is something we may have to swallow some pride on? Not to mention I am about 90% sure this person won't even come to Florida next summer for this little shindig. It's that 10% possibility that bothers Adam. To make matters worse (for me), my father is in Adam's corner on this one since his personal opinion of this relative is the same as my husband's. So what to do?

Any advice?

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