Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Updates

Well its been a weekend!

Thursday was poor Jake's 5 year old checkup and he hit new octives screaming for the shots. At least he is healthy and won't need anymore vaccines until age 12 now!

Friday my minivan decided to take a poo and now I am waiting for the garage to call today to let me know it is done. The estimate was extremely high so I am praying it was not any more than what they quoted us with the LAUNDRY list of items that they included that needed to be done. $2300 and all I got was an oil change thrown in there for "free". Blah!

Saturday was Nick's 9th Birthday. He was so excited to get a new game he asked for from us. We had a bowling birthday party with 20 children! WOW was it loud in there and the kids all made it even louder. Although I have to admit my SIL was the loudest one of all trying to embarass my neice as much as possible everytime she tried to bowl. Miraculously Jake did great in the bowling alley and loved bowling.

We moved all three boys into one room yesterday in preparation for my sister to stay with us for awhile. Even if something happens where she does not we will be keeping them in there and using the other bedroom as a playroom until Matthew is older.

Today I am getting work done and trying to reorganize things around the house! We'll see how that goes since the boys are off today and tomorrow.

So what to do first - the Mount Everest of laundry in my bedroom??? Or maybe tackle the floors that need a good on hands and knees scrubbing???

I'm off to do my SAHM duty.... ;)

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Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!! See ya Thursday!
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