Thursday, March 22, 2007

Return of Thursday Thirteen - #1

Thirteen Things Melanie is thinking about today

1. I need to finish Alex's VPK enrollmetn for next year

2. Time to shop - gotta find a loft bed with dresser and desk combo for the boys room to help maximize some space

3. I am sooooo tired today. Need to have another cup of coffee after I get the boys from school to help me stay awake today

4. Work tonight - back to work after 3 days off. This won't be fun but need that money for Jake's therapy.

5. Making that list of never ending house projects to work on and complete. More and more things seem to get on the list and not too many are coming off!

6. Lots of new movies out on DVD I wanted to see now. Already grabbed the latest Rocky one which wasn't too bad. Looking forward to the Pursuit of Happiness

7. Easter - thinking about our plans, dinner, what the Bunny needs to do, etc

8. Actually starting to plan Matthew's first birthday party for the first weekend of May.

9. Need to bring Dozer Dog into the vet and groomer! Needs shots, license renewal and a bath!

10. Still trying to find an occaisional steady babysitter for therapy and doctor appointments but they all seem to be slightly expensive or overly unstable! LOL

11. Looking into an anniversary present for Adam and I for August. Maybe a little three day getaway or something

12. Need to plan a trip north to see Dad and family.

13. Hoping for good news regarding a home loan to help pay for some improvements and Jake's therapy

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Posted By Melanie @ 1:02 PM |
Hey!! Welcome back. I just got caught up on you and yours! You've been mighty busy.

It seems to me that the school system should be paying for some of this therapy...

Best of luck to you! I'll check back!
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