Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thirteen Random Things about Melanie

1. I found that I have a Lego Star Wars Head in my Makeup Bag...I'm sure I threw it in there on accident at some point but this morning it made me smile when I saw it there as a little reminder of my crazy Mom Life!
2. I just finished reading "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom. It has instantly become one of my favorite reads and I highly reccomend it! Looking for a new book to start now before Harry Potter comes out...
3. I am planning a major vacation for summer 2008 for about 18 of my relatives from all over the Eastern coast of the US to go to Myrtle Beach. It is proving to be quite the project.
4. My husband always laughs at my over-use of earthtones whether it be in our home decor or my wardrobe. I am looking to order a hot pink tshirt with these crazy bright neon green shorts just to shock him!!! Yeah - probably not.
5. We watched fireworks form our front yard last night for the 4th of July. We had our own little bit to light off, but our neighbors put on a better show than the city does! Jake watched from the comfort of the foyer through the door windows (the noise really bothers him)
6. I am anxiously awaiting the new Harry Potter movie and book this month! I am hoping they are both great!
7. I am currently on Weight Watchers and have lost some weight but have a long way to go on this journey! I'll keep you updated!
8. I finally got to see the last episode of the Sopranos the other day with Adam. I have to admit a bit of disappointment with the ending, but kind of what I was expecting too. Heard there are rumors of a possible movie to continue the story a bit. I would go see it too, sad I know!
9. I laugh often at my sister's new found additction to MySpace, but I remember it was not too long ago that I was also there a few times each day. I still love finding old friends there and new ones. My page link is over there -------->
10. I have been increasingly bored these days and am hoping coming back to blogging will help with that. I miss reading everyone's news and writing about my own. Who else would read about my tantrums with Autism dealings, raising boys, housework, part time work, etc than the wonderful blogging community???
11. I despise laundry and have a lot of it to do today. I have a lot of it to do everyday, so that really makes today no different. Just felt like it was worth the mention with as much as I am dreading it.
12. Adam and I will be married for 10 years at the end of next month so we are trying to decide where to steal away for a long weekend. We both know we will wind up at Disney World, but we are exciting about trying some new stuff in Orlando and over that way. 10 years of marriage seems like a long time but at the same time it is almost like - that's all it has been??? LOL HAPPY years at least!
13. I am hoping to get the boys into bed early tonight so Adam and I can sit outside under the pergola, cuddled on the little sofa and light a fire to relax and plan our anniversary trip. The weather doesn't look like it is gonna agree with me and who am I kidding...neither will the boys!

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Posted By Melanie @ 12:16 PM |
Nice to get to know you, Melanie! I have 2 Aspie daughters and the sound of the fireworks bothers them does the sound of someone chewing, the sound of someone clearing her throat. Well, you get the picture.

Happy Thursday!
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