Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This and That

A HUGE thanks to the wonderful people manning the template area of the Blogger Forum who were able to help me fix the template problem! They are just awesome!

Some posts got deleted in the template mishaps but Friday's post about life here is here because I wnated to make sure it was on here again:

On the Homefront.....

Matthew is turning into quite the little climber and driving me crazy. Soon he will need his own set of climbing ropes and a grappling hook! I dread turning corners these days to find that he has once again managed to get on top of the computer desk or began to climb up the shelves in the pantry! He makes my heart stop every time!

I am making my journey with Weight Watchers again full force so alot more postings will have to do with my desire to be healthy for both my husband and me and our kids! Before having Matthew I was at my heaviest ever and started Weight Watchers. I got back on it a few months ago and from the heaviest to right now I am down 25 pounds! I am on the edge of seeing a weight I have not seen since 2001. Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck please that I can do this. My family history of heart disease and diabetes has me looking to do this more than ever now that my mother and father are both looking at heart disease complications at the age of 50.

August is around the corner which means only a few weeks until back to school for Nick and Jake and Alex's new PreK class. I need to get some back to school shopping done for uniforms and supplies soon.

Adam and I have discussed having Jacob tested for mercury poisoning. There are many studies, groups, etc that attribute many causes of Autism to mercury levels in vaccines. This was never a consideration for us regarding Jacob's Autism because his vaccines were delayed as a child due to an illness at the time and he began showing signs of delay before receiving vaccines that are linked to this theory (MMR, etc). Recently though, we found out that a shot Jake received after he was not even 12 hours old in a hospital in NJ for his Rh Factor also has links to mercury poisoning. Being that he was our only child to receive this shot ever and our only child with Autism, we have decided to have the test done. I am so apprehensive about it. Mainly because if the test shows he had been poisoned all of this time and we did not know I would be mortified. The other part of me is not sure I want a positive test result just because removing the mercury is a long process that can provide him more of a "normal" existance which would be great, but I do not want to get my hopes up that his development will improve so drastically that certain things will be within his grasp at almost the right age finally. And then there is the other side of me who loves Jake just as he is and just wnats to stop putting him through all of this guinea pig type of stuff and let him be happy with what he knows now. No bashing please, I know how much of a disservice to him that would be and what kind of life that would leave him with without any intervention but I must admit everytime we have to jump through these hoops with something new the thought does occur to me to just let him be not that I would ever stop fighting for him, but it flutters there for a moment and so there it stays and we press on. I need to research it more and see where we go from there on both ends on the result regardless, because I need to be prepared. Any thoughts or experiences on the subject would be most welcome.

Onto today,
When I have not been trying to fuss with this thing to fix it, I have been busy trying to get things decluttered and organized around this house!

Yesterday I spent hours sorting through toy boxes, closets, etc getting all of the toys for four little boys condensed into two toy boxes and a few drawer organizers for their little stuff.

Today I am planning on tackling their ever-growing pile of stuffed animals and their desk.

I am trying to get lots done around here by Aug 18th which is Alex's 4th Birthday party. That way the house is back in decent shape again after enduring a summer of four kids the weekend of the party and before school starts that Monday.

My major projects:
1. Tackling the boys' toys ----> DONE
2. Cleaning the carpets in the bedrooms and living room
3. Washing all of the blinds
4. Recovering a dinigroom chair and touching up the stain on all chairs and table legs
5. Touchup stain on Pergola outside
6. Wedding and bushes done outside
7. Put more sand down on pavers to fill in from all of the rain
8. Scrub down house!!!!
9. Finish running the electric outside for extra outlets on pergola
10. Fix screening in lanai that the dog ripped

Wish me luck! I will need it!

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