Tuesday, August 07, 2007

OMG - Evil Knievil!!!

Just so we are all keeping tabs - 3 times so far today!

Matthew (my climbing monkey toddler with an apparent death wish) has fallen off of a somewhat high surface!

1- This morning he climbed onto the computer desk and walked right off of the edge as I was coming out of the bathroom and then began running toward him with my arms out just as he managed to land on his diaper padded tush!

2- He leaped off of the coffee table as I rounded the couch to get him just missing his target (our couch) and smacked his head on the floor

3- After lunch, he managed to climb into one of the dining room chairs and hosit himself onto the table to grab an unfinished plate his brother left unoccupied while using the potty. Alex was having Shells with Butter and Parmesan cheese for lunch and being a sloppy little boy, kept wiping his buttery greased hands all over the table and not his napkin and -YES!, you guessed it! - Matthew slid on the greasy spot right off the edge of the table onto the floor in a thud.

Luckily none of these accidents left so much as a mark on him, but they also did not deter him at all seeing as I just took him down from the desk again two minutes before making him retire to his room for some quiet time and hopefully a nap! Good Lord my heart races a mile a minute with this one!

Never a dull moment in this house!

Posted By Melanie @ 1:11 PM |
OMG! I hate days like that-it seems all they want to do is make sure they give you a heart attack. I'm glad to hear that he's ok.
Ugh! I am not looking forward to those days!! Hailey gets into so much and she is only crawling.
Aren't boys fun? They're just keeping life real. :)
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