Friday, August 31, 2007


These past few days have been long. Adam has been off from work, as have I to help around his grandparents' house after the death of his uncle. We were supposed to be leaving this afternoon for our anniversary trip, but unfortunately that won't be happening until after the funeral service on Sunday. Our trip has been cut from almost 5 days to about 2 (well maybe 1 1/2 depending on what time we actually make it there). It really sucks and I hate feeling selfish worrying about our anniversary trip right now, but it is our 10th anniversary and we really were looking forward to the time away together for awhile.

Today and this weekend are going to be extremely busy shopping, helping family, and going to the viewing and service. Adam's mom and grandparents are utter wrecks right now and the only thing helping them deal is a whole lot of happy pills unfortunately. Please pray for them that they can get through this weekend and know that Larry is not in pain or sick anymore and with those who love him! They will really need the extra love and thoughts and I would appreciate it greatly.

I probably will not have time to get on here again before we leave for our mini-trip, so wishing everyone a nice Labor Day holiday. Will be back posting probably on Wednesday!

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I am so sorry for your families loss. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

I don't think it's selfish at all to be disappointed that your trip is being cut short. You've planned and looked forward to it, so of course you feel bad about it. Enjoy the couple of days you will have.
I swore I left a comment yesterday, anyway I'm sorry for your loss and I can understand your diappointment for your anniversary. I'm sure you two will still have good weekend.
I'll say a prayer for them and you. Your feelings are completely understandable and I hope you're able to enjoy what time you do get to go away for.
I know you've been planning that trip for a long time.
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