Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thirteen Firsts

1. My FIRST born will be 10 years old next week on the 30th! OMG time flies!

2. My FIRST grade in school lower than a B was in 7th grade Home Ec when I received a D mainly for goofing around with friends instead of working and not doing homework. My father saw that D and said "I sure hope that is an oddly shaped 'O' for outstanding and not a 'D'!" Think it made a difference to him that technically it was a D+?

3. Jacob and Matthew's FIRST words were "Mama." Nick and Alex's FIRST words were "Dada."

4. My FIRST kiss was in sixth grade at a party.

5. My FIRST time hearing "I Love You" from Adam is still etched in my memory like it was yesterday.

6. My FIRST trip to Disney World happened in 1986. My mother, father, myself and my sister drove down from NJ along with my uncle, his wife at the time and my cousin. We stayed at Fort Wilderness Cabins. I got a Disney splatter hat and a Figment doll as souvenoirs.

7. I was 17 when I attended my FIRST year of college which had its drawbacks since I was not yet an adult.

8. I got my FIRST (an only right now anyway) tattoo when I turned 18. Its a dolphin on my very low abdomen area below my hip. My Midwife delivering my oldest son joked that "Flipper turned into Shamu" while I was pregnant.

9. I got highlights on my hair for the FIRST time in 2004. It was the first time (and only so far) I ever put any kind of coloring in my hair and I was terrified.

10. My FIRST car was a burgundy 1984 Chrysler Laser Turbo. It was such a piece of junk but I thought I was so cool in my wheels! LOL

11. The FIRST poem I ever had published was in 1991 in a Poetry Annual Contest for teens and I wrote it about the Gulf War. It was called "A Lonely Soldier's Cry".

12. My FIRST time away from my kids longer than 2 nights was a 7 night cruise Adam and I taken in August 2004 for our anniversary. It turned into a 10 night cruise though due to the hurricanes around that time!

13. My FIRST time lying to my parents as a child is something I won't ever forget. I was about 10 and I had told my mother that I had done something she wanted me to do which it was obvious I hadn't done and she was arguing this with me. My father stepped in and said to me that if I say I did it, then there would be no question to it since he and my mother would always believe what I told them 100% without fail because they loved me enough to know that I would be truthful with them. So he would only ask me once and that would be the end of it. Did I complete Mom's assigned task? I started to shake my head yes but couldn't fight back the tears. Then I confessed while bawling my eyes out. To this day I still feel bad thinking of it. And I know I will use it one day on my kids too!

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Posted By Melanie @ 9:23 AM |
What a great list of firsts! Do you still write poetry?
What a fun list for the week!!!I love the "I love YOU"

Contest starting on my blog tomorrow morning if you are interested! (there are some happy prizes)
I really enjoyed your list of firsts! What a great idea for a TT post.
My own TT post is up here if you fancy coming by for a look.
Happy TT!
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