Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - For Nicholas

Thirteen Things about my oldest son, Nicholas who turns 10 on Sunday!

1. Nick was born on Sept 30, 1997. It was a Tuesday.

2. Nick weighed 7 pounds and 7ounces when he was born and was 20 1/2 inches long.

3. We named him Nicholas Shaun. Shaun is Adam's middle name and we both really liked the name Nicholas.

4. When he was 13 months old we moved from FL to NJ where we lived for the next 4 years. On the drive to NJ, we stopped to watch John Glenn return to space!

5. Nick was in private kindergarten when we left NJ but was not old enough for kindergarten when we got to FL so he stayed home with me and his brother for one more year.

6. Nicholas has wanted to be a scientist when he grows up since he was about 4 years old. Over the years that has not changed. The only thing that has changed over the years was the things he wants to invent. It has gone from dinners in a gumball to a machine that will allow him not to die.

7. Nick is what you would refer to as an "old soul". He is older than his years in so many ways. I was like that as a child so I guess it is only natural that one of the boys would be that way.

8. Nicholas is one of the most sensitive kids around. He takes things to heart and very seriously. The concepts of life and death are always on his mind. He will ask me constantly about my grandparents who died when he was little and cry when he listens to stories about them.

9. He is forever the thinker! Inquisitive to the point of pestering annoyance sometimes!!! He needs to know everything. "Hey Mom, how do you think this rock was formed? And how might it have gotten here? Do you know mom???" And he must know things most kids might not ask in the middle of our family vacation while swimming in the pool with my Dad he decided it would be a great time to bombard Grandpa with some questions, "So, you and Grandma Kathy got divorced. Why??? Do you love her still? How does Granny Morgan (my step-mom) feel about you being divorced?" My poor father was shocked!

10. Nick is tall like his Dad. He is almost as tall as me. By the end of next year I will be looking up at him yelling at him to clean his room. We wear the same sock and shoe size rght now. His father has a size 13 shoe so I know there will be much larger sizes to come from Nick!

11. He is a geek at heart. Not much athletic ability in him other than his endurance. He loves to be inside the house watching TV, movies, doing art projects, but mostly playing games on his Gameboy, the Wii, his Playstation or online on the computer. He is pretty awesome at them I must admit, but I would love to see him get out more.

12. He really likes bowling! We are trying to get him signed up for a league or something. He also likes checkers and wants to learn to play chess.

13. At 2 1/2 months old.....

And at 9 years old.....

Happy 10th Birthday Nicholas!!!!!!

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Posted By Melanie @ 7:27 AM |
this is such a touching tribute to your son. I have a 10 year old's such a fun age!
Awww Happy Birthday Nicholas!!
What a great post!! Hope his birthday was great!
Awww-he sounds amazing!
I hope he had a great birthday.
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