Friday, November 18, 2005

Bad, Bad, Bad Me.

I know. I know it has been awhile. I'm sorry, life sort of happens and days run by in a white flash!

Let's see...What's new around here??? Pregnancy is coming along. Not nearly as sick as before. Actually not physically sick for quite a while which is a record for me! Still the nausea is present and still tired but I will deal with that any day not to be bent over my toilet 10 times a day. Have my first glucose test on the 28th. Blah. Hate that syrup crap...the flavor really doesn't help it either. Orange this time around. As long as it is not the Cola I will deal. Looking forward to scheduling my ultrasound which should happen soon and before Christmas. I want to know if I am having another little prince or if it may be a princess this time around. That way I can work on names and begin my favorite part - BABY SHOPPING!!!!

The kids are good. Getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Bam-Bam had his Pre-k feast yesterday which was fun since I got to go in and eat lunch with him and then bring him home a little early. The Professor is having a hard time with "mental math" and timed quizzes so we are working on flashcards right now. I am trying to look into a 4hour 2 day per week day care for Lil' michaelangelo so that he gets some child interaction for his age which may help his 2 year old attitude Really I think he needs some kind of out of home structure and kids to get a break from me. But the prices are insane so don't know if that will be happening.

King Papa Bear is busy with the gym EARLY in the a.m.. He leaves the house by 5am now but the good thing is that he is home by 6pm instead of between 7pm-8pm. So we are enjoying that! He is also busy with the paint booth in the garage that he is building. Should be interesting! We are going to look at a new used car for him tomorrow. Something other than his Supra which does not fit the three kids we have now so adding a fourth child means goodbye Supra!!! Hello car that can fit our children. We are debating the gas issue though between him getting some kind of sedan or an SUV. We'll see. Don't want another car payment but the cars we have looked at that we can buy outright don't seem to be reliable for more than the next year or two. So I think we will just put a good chunk of change down on it so maybe we will only have to finance half of the amount. Again, we'll see.

Holidays are fast approaching and I have 3 gifts purchased - yes just 3! And none of those are for my kids! Gotta get my buttocks in gear. So that said I am off to check some websites for gifts and best prices from the wish lists.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

We're back!

Woo Hoo! We had fun this past weekend! King Papa Bear took off from work Friday to spend some time with all of us since he has been working so much. So we kept the kids home and drove over to Miami area for a day of shopping and fun at Saw Grass Mills.

Saturday King Papa Bear and I left for our evening. To make a very LONG story short the suite I wanted and reserved was unavailable at one resort for some ridiculous reason so we wound up staying at the seminole Hard Rock and Casino which was awesome! The room was great and so was the entertainment, live music, the casino and the restaurants. We headed up to the room somewhat early for other activities...... (closing the door - Do Not Disturb!!!)

Sunday morning we hit another restaurant for a yummy breakfast before heading out to the Bucs Game. The game was great and lots of fun even though the Panthers kicked our asses. Got to see some great plays made by some of my favorite guys - Joey Galloway, Mike Alstott and Ronde Barber. I was looking for a great sack from Simeon Rice but I settled for what we got. We had awesome seats on the 5 yard line in the 4th row so we were really close. It was lots of fun.

Now back to the grind. Have lots to do today and no desire to do it. Work, house cleaning, laundry, errands, etc.... Blah. But I can at least slack for a few minutes here. Hope your weekend was great too!

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