Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie
My Thursday TO DO List

1. Nick's glasses - The screw needs to be replaced AGAIN so after school off to Walmart Optical we go!

2. Curbing Quote - I have to call one more landscaping place to get a curbing quote for our front lawn to make it look all nice again

3. Work - I have one small order that I need to get done today and no desire to even begin it

4. Bowling Alley - I have to call the two bowling alleys around here to get price quotes on a birthday party at the end of September for Nick

5. Yacht Club Clubhouse - Need to call and find out about renting the hall for our possible vow renewal ceremony for next year. Need pricing info and to find out if our desired date is available - cross your fingers for me!

6. Packing - I need to start packing for me and Adam to go away on Saturday

7. Kids Packing - I also need to pack for the kids to come up and join us in Orlando

8. Shopping List - I have to go food shopping tomorrow sometime since I will be away Saturday morning and need to get my list ready

9. Anniversary - Need to narrow down our anniversary dinner choices for Saturday night and make a reservation (Last minute I know!)

10. Clean - I need to clean this house so it is ready for us to go away for the weekend and return to it looking snazzy!

11. Laundry - I have to tackle the equivalent of Mt. Everest and get it all folded, and put on hangers, and put away. Hey - at least it has been washed and dried!!!

12. Call Melissa - I have to call my sister and finalize her sitting for my boys on Saturday and the plans for her to join us on Sunday. Maybe even try to sucker her into sleeping over Friday night so we can leave even earlier!

13. Coffee - I need to go to Dunkin Donuts after dropping the boys at school for a large coffee because - THE COFFEE POT SHATTERED this morning! I know, the absolute horror!!! The thought of a non-caffeine morning will just not do. While at Walmart optical I will be buying a new coffee pot in the supercenter this afternoon as well!

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    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    9 Years!!

    Today is my wedding anniversary! 9 years of wonderful wedded bliss!

    Happy anniversary honey!!!!

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    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Monday Monday

    Today Nick lied to me ... straight to my face and was caught in it. It wasn't anything much he lied about at all, but it was just the fact that he did it like it was nothing. I was very surprised at his nonchalant attitude about it and the way it flowed so easily from his lips! I saw him leave the bathroom this morning and walk straight to the DVD cabinet to find a movie.

    I asked, "Nick did you eat already? No TV until you eat and brush your teeth"
    He said, "I ate"
    "What did you eat?"
    "Cereal - I had fruit loops and the bowl is in the sink." - CAUGHT!
    I threw the empty Fruit Loop box away over the weekend and there was no bowl in the sink.
    "Nick? Did you just lie to me?"
    Hangs head and says a muffled "yes"
    I explain to him he is grounded for lying to me now so he proceeds to sulk on the couch until it was time to leave.
    I reaaly was surprised! He is never like that. I am hoping this is not a prequel of behavior to come.

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    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Been awhile since my last post

    Adjusting to school schedule again, daily errands, work and a family visitor from NJ has been occupying much of my time so I have not been here.

    Updates - Kids are adjusting to and enjoying school. We got Jake's pick up situation all figured out finally so I get to stop worrying about that for now. I had a conference with his teacher and went over my concerns and developed a plan of action with her that has been working thus far with different school issues. I am pleased to report that Jake is now spending half of his lunch time in the cafeteria which is a huge step for him given his sensory issues with the echoing in there. Nick loves math so far this year and has 100% on all tests and quizzes so far which he is very proud of as are we. Hopefully the gung-ho attitude will remain where school work is concerned!

    Alex's birthday and party went great! He had a blast and got tons of great gifts. I do believe we now own every Diego toy on the market including the sneakers! :)

    Matthew is doing great. He is trying to hold his bottle which is making me crazy trying to feed him these days! He knocks it all over the place and gets more of it all over him than in his mouth!

    Tuesday is mine and Adam's 9 year wedding anniversary! Woo Hoo! To celebrate we leave Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to head up to Orlando. My sister and the kids will join us up there for a second night and we will all return Monday. We are considering renewing our wedding vows next year on our 10th anniversary. Been checking into it and I can not believe all of the ettiquette rules associated with vow renewal! I mean honestly, are people really going to be offended if my sister stands next to me since we are not supposed to have "witnesses" or need them since we are legally wed????? I want her there so what is the big deal? You should read some of these things! Here is a wedding ettiquette expert with points about renewal ettiquette:

  • Renewal Ettiquette

  • Check out the renewal forum there too! Ugh - I despise the woman already just by her rude answers....

    Anyway - less than 2 weeks until my dear friend Allison and I get our Moms Weekend Away!!! Free from kids and hubbys - we get to relax by the pool, hang out, shop and do a non-kid dinner! I can't wait!!! I NEED the break and I know she does too...

    Well now that everyone in the house is up I am off to make some breakfast for everyone. This week should be more calm and I will be back to posting regularly!

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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Week One Down!

    Whew! That was fun.....or not..............

    The first week of school was interesting to say the least. Nick is loving third grade although he says there are alot more rules. He had math homework only all week, but this week starts all homework for math, vocab, spelling and AR reading.

    Jacob's first week went okay. Other than the screwy pickup and dropoff issuies we had since he is in ESE kindergarten and they get out earlier then the rest of the school and are dropped off and picked up differently then everyone else, which of course NONE of this was communicated to the parents prior to the start of school so that was one big mess for the first 2 days. He will not go into the cafeteria to eat lunch - he has issues with the echoing in there and is terrified of the stage so he is spending lunchtime with the behavioral specialist (a way to get some extra therapy and one on one time at least!) and eats in the classroom when they return there. So they are working on transitioning him into the cafeteria. Good Luck I say.....

    Alex was ready to go into school as well the first day. He also wore his back pack and found a comfy chair in Jake's class that he though could be his own. When we left he was quite upset that his brothers were not leaving with us. I heard "Oh no - Nicky! Jacob! Oh No!!" all the way down the hall leaving the school on day one. By day two in the car rider line I got a pouty lip and low whine and sobs that he tried to hold back while whispering their names under his breath. He shouts with screams of glee when it is time to go get them at school though! His days have been quiet, but I think he is secretly happy to have control of the TV and toys again during the day! We are going to try to check out some library time or Parks and Rec things for him to do a few days a week.

    Pics of the first day:
    Nick and Jake dressed and ready
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Alex ready to go too
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Tomorrow is the day

    Woo Hoo! Bittersweet as it is, tomorrow is the first day of school. Nick goes into third grade and Jake is in Kindergarten. There will be no bus ride since I will be taking them to school. Transportation department here is unfortunately completely incompetent and I do not trust them with my special needs child on any of their buses with an aide or not.

    Alexander is going to be so upset and lonely tomorrow :(

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    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Friday Feast

    Name an actor or actress you think is totally underappreciated.
    I can think of tons that are overappreciated! I am going to say Morgan Freeman

    Impress us by using a big word in a sentence.
    Sabrina's ostentatious attire left little to the imagination.

    What is something inanimate that you've given a name to (such as a pet rock)?
    I have had tons of dolls with names.

    Main Course
    What color would best represent your personality and why?
    Depends on the day and moment, don't you think??? Right now I will say yellow since I am in a sunny mood. ;)

    Fill in the blanks: ____________ is so ____________.
    Summer is so over!!! - the kids go back to school on Tuesday!!! LOL

    Posted By Melanie @ 8:49 AM (1) comments |
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