Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie
13 Resolutions for Me for 2006

1. After the baby is born, I want to lose 50 pounds from my pre-baby weight and get healthy!!

2. I will spend more time with my kids and less time worrying about household chores that can be put off to spend time with them

3. I will try to ask for help when I need it around the house instead of trying to be a Super Mom.

4. I will try to keep in better contact with family far away that I hardly have a chance to talk to - write more letters, send more emails, make more phone calls. Not just around the holidays!

5. I will spend more time working with Bam-Bam on his goals for speech and other goals for his development

6. I will spend more time reading with and to the Professor and working on basic math facts with him

7. I will spend more time on family outings so that the kids are not always in the house

8. I will try to reserve at least one time per month for just King Papa Bear and I to have some couple time - Need to reserve sitter too!!!

9. I will try to take some more time for just me - girly time to myself. This will involve reading a book in the tub, going out alone or with friends, taking the time to spoil me at the spa or something equally as relaxing

10. I want to try to instill more religion in our lives by getting the whole family to attend church more and learn more about our belief in God

11. I will become less of a procrastinator regarding work that needs to be done and get my work done timely to leave more family time available!

12. I will spend more time and effort advocating for Bam-Bam's needs and follow through with every opportunity we find

13. I will try to be a better mother for my children and all that comes with!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Whew! It came, was great, and now I'm glad to see it go!

Isn't that awful??? But seriously, I was happy when Christmas came and was happy to celebrate with the kids and family and friends but now I am so happy to see it over with too! It was a sea of crumpled wrapping paper at each party we attended. I have no idea who gave my kids some of the gifts they got!!! But the boys did have a great Christmas and made out very well with lots of new toys, clothes, PJs, games, books, and other stuff. The clean up is always the worst part and I will probably be finding those awful twisty ties that hold the toys in the packaging all over my house for the next week! After New Year's this weekend I am putting my house back together and packing everyhting away. I am done with it all and want my living room back. Today I need to finish finding homes for all of the new stuff and do some housework. I'll also probably be putting together toys that have not been opened yet and most likely will be making some edible bugs with the Professor and his freaky food lab! Gross....boys! :)

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays

This weekend is gonna be busy so a Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, and Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Taking a stab at it...

Trying this out. Stole it from fellow Sunshine State Momma, Amy.

Thirteen Things about Melanie
A Christmas 13

1. Thrilled to have King Papa Bear home for a 3 day weekend

2. Can't wait to wrap all of Santa's gifts

3. Santa has requested Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies this year

4. Mrs. Clause has plans to get tangled in the tinsel after the kids are tucked in their beds and sleeping with sweet Christmas dreams

5. Not looking forward to the "Relative Rush and Shuffle"...from house to house we go!

6. Can't wait to see the sleepy excited faces of my boys on Christmas morning!!!

7. Christmas carols and music come alive this weekend for me

8. One of my Christmas wishes is to see the Bucs win against Atlanta on Christmas Eve! Deliver Sanata, please!!!

9. Dozer Dog's first Christmas with his stocking of treats will show little stinky dog just how much he is loved!

10. Wishing I could kick back a spiced Eggnog or two... but looks like I will have to settle for non-alcoholic ths year

11. Seeing the looks of glee from our kids and family members whose holiday wishes came true this year.

12. Watching and waiting to hear a glimpse of Santa or his sleigh with children who are fighting the sleep that is coming

13. Remembering how much those who won't be with us this year are missed everyday!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

2 Down....

2 to go. For Christmas parties, that is. I was dreading both parties we had this weekend. One was my "work" party which wasn't too bad. The food was catered from Outback so that was good. ;) Everything turned out okay anyway even with the prize giveaways and ridiculous trivia my BIL cooked up about the business - his $100 trivia questions. I didn't win anything. Oh well. We stayed for 2 hours before leaving and heading out to the next party for a woman in Papa Bear's office. She is always fun - drunk and loud, but still fun. I was dreading this party because there is someone I had to meet that I do not like that hubby works with. Not getting into all that here or now, but let's just say the person confirmed every awful thought I have had about them so I will continue not to like them.

I did get quite the surprise though on Saturday night. On the way to party #2, we took the long way around skipping the highway and taking the scenic beach route. King Papa Bear pulled off into Lovers Key Beach Club Resort where he booked us a king suite for the night to have some time away alone after the parties. He even set up his mama to watch the boys and everything without me knowing. What a guy! :) The room was a gorgeous one bedroom suite with a stunning view (especially with the moon over the water on Saturday night). There was a huge whirlpool tub that was really nice to relax in and the deck over the beach was a nice place to have a drink in the morning. We even got to sleep in a little! It was very nice.

Kids are home today. All week. And all next week too! Shall I start pulling out my hair now??? My clean hose is already being trampled! So with that said, I am gonna go visit the mamas at SSM before signing off to try to make it clean once more. And so winter break begins....

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Friday, December 16, 2005


This pregnancy is sooooo very different from all of the rest that it is driving me crazy. What the hell is wrong with me??? I should be so very happy to be having a normal pregnancy for once. I am hardly sick right now. I feel fine most days as though I am not even pregnant. My blood pressure has only been elevated a few times. I tested NORMAL on my first glucose test! So what the hell am I worried about????
Wanna know a little secret? I was up all night before my ultrasound terrified that I was going to hear awful news when they looked at the baby. I was prepping myself all night for disturbing things that I thought must be wrong for this pregnancy to be so uneventful for me in comparison to the others. When the tech was taking all of her pictures and measurements, every word out of my mouth was asking for reassurance that all was okay - "And that measures okay?" "ou see nothing wrong there?" I think she thought I was crazy! She even gave me my own copy of all of her findings I guess to ease my mind. So King Papa Bear was happy at the thought that my mind would finally be set at ease knowing for sure everything was normal. But of course, I will find something else to worry about with this baby.
So my current worry is my appetite and lack of weight gain. I am hardly ever hungry and force myself to eat which is not much. Yesterday I had raisin bran at about 5am, then around 2pm I had half of a cheese sandwich, and did not want dinner. So I had a nutri grain bar around 8pm before bed. Nice healthy eating habits for an expectant mama, huh??? This is normal for me lately. Some days I will be real hungry and grab food but most are just like what I described! I am over 5 months along now and I have gained a total of 3 pounds. Now don't get me wrong, I was way overweight to begin with so maybe that is a blessing in disguise but it still concerns me. So there is my dilemma. You can think I am nuts, since I probably am but it feels better to "write" it down. A little anyway.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Drum Roll Please....

And the ultrasound results are in!!!

We are having another BOY!!! so we will be adding another prince to the castle. Baby is looking fine. He is currently weighing 5 ounces and the tech says from measurements I look to be about 22 weeks along. So we are excited. Now I need to go buy a name book to find a new little boys name!! :)

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tis the Season

Shopping is almost done...only a few more gifts to go that I have ideas for but need to make it to the mall - ICK! - to pick up. Christmas parties begin for us this weekend which should be fun and very busy. The kids have half days Wed.-Fri. and then winter break begins! It came so fast. I have to find some things to do to keep them busy. And to keep my house from turning into a disaster area with the three of them running around. Let's see...make cookies, some crafts, maybe a playdate or two, etc.

Wednesday is our ultrasound! I am so excited to find out what the baby is. I think it is another boy, but we will see. Looking forward to it. Thursday is Bam-Bam's PreK parent conferences and Christmas Party. That should also be fun to see the kids sing "Jingle Bells" since they have been working on it with them for over a month!

My mood from this weekend (which was LAZY) has lingered over to today and I feel like doing nothing that I need to get done! SO has my insatiable need for junk food! Yesterday was football day in this house - WOO HOO BUCS!!!. So we had subs, salads, and junk. So what did I eat so far this morning??? Tostitos with Salsa Con Queso!!! And I am seconds away from going to find the last cupcake and eat it too!!!! There is laundry to fold, a kids room to dust and vacuum and bathrooms to clean. Who really wants to do it???? Not I said the preggo mama with the tostito in her mouth... Crunch. Crunch.

The Professor is finally over the stomach virus he had...thank god. I couldn't handle cleaning anymore vomit! Especially right now. So he is back in school today after a 3 day hiatus and the weekend for a rather short week before break. Lil' Michaelangelo got used to having him home to bother I think. Speaking of Lil' Mikey, he is amazing me with his words lately. He makes me laugh with his shoulder shrug and "I dunno" answer to questions like where did your cup go? He also can name most TV and Movie characters (is that a good thing??) like "Harry" for Harry Potter, all Dora characters, all Blues Clues characters, and most Disney characters! He is counting to 10 in English and 5 in Spanish (thanks Dora!). It is all so bitter sweet since it reminds me now of all I missed seeing Bam-Bam do at this age. But Bam-Bam is really coming along and trying so hard lately to add words to his ever growing vocab list. Granted Lil' Mikey has surpassed Bam-Bam's language development right now as we knew he would but dreaded happening. Bam-Bam has surprised me though with acknowledgement of Santa with a hearty "Ho Ho Ho!" lol :)

So now that I have babbled on I need to make some kind of effort to do something around here today. So I am off to tackle some kind of housework.

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Friday, December 02, 2005


Today is my dad's wife's birthday. I have her present sitting on the breakfast bar where it has been for two weeks but did I go and mail the darn thing??? Nope! I am such a slacker! I will have to call and beg forgiveness!!!
Speaking of my slacker mood, I have 2 presents for the Professor bought and 1 for each Bam-Bam and Lil' Mikey! I need to get Christmas shopping but King Papa Bear and I always go together and these days getting a sitter to do so has not been easy at all! I was hoping to do some this weekend but that isn't going to work out so now hopefully we can go either Tuesday or Wednesday evening. I have some other gifts to finish too. No idea what to get hubby's grandparents this year! What do you get people who don't want or need anything and have everything???? Hmmmm. Mind boggling! :)
Very tired today and feeling ill so all I want to do is cuddle up under a nice warm fleece blanket on the couch with a mug of hot tea and take a nap. Doesn't that sound nice??? Not gonna happen though. I can dream.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have forgotten how long it has been since I have been here!!! So sorry for not rambling to you lately!!!

Goings on.......
Baby appointment Wednesday went well for the most part. Blood pressure slightly elevated, still not gaining a whole lot, glucose test done and waiting for the results, and ultrasound scheduled for the 14th!!! Woo Hoo!!! We get to see if we will add another prince or a princess to our castle!!!
Kids are all doing well. Bam-Bam has parent conferences on the 15th. He is learning new signs for 2 word commands now so hopefully that will develop and blossom into more language as the other signs have. The Professor adds something expensive to his Christmas list daily. And Lil' Michaelangelo has been in a brat mood for the past month! Seriously, he is driving me batty most days. He seems to find it quite comical to run down the driveway in the morning when I have my arms full of crap and down the road. So now picture this.... a 5 month pregnant mom running down the street after her 2 year old with two bookbags, pocketbook, blanket, water bottle, keys, etc in tow yelling "___!!!! Stop running! Get Back here NOW!!!". I am sure it is quite a scene. By the time I catch him (or if he trips from trying to look behind him while giggling hysterically) I am trying to convinvce myself under my breath agin why I do not spank my children and do not believe in spanking. Like I said...he is driving me batty enough that I actually consider smacking his little rear end once I catch him! This is not me and not the mom I want to be so I know I am losing it! That is just one of his many, countless misdeeds lately. The joys of mothering a head-strong two year old.

So that's all for now and I promise to be back tomorrow!!! :)

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