Saturday, October 29, 2005

On an Emotional Rollercoaster

What is wrong with me lately??? I am on this emotional rollercoaster from hell. Chalk it up to another thing I don't like about being pregnant...isn't that awful??? It doesn't help that Papa Bear has been working alot since the new satelite office needs to be up and running ASAP and he is the one who has to set up the servers and link the two offices. He is there again today and probably will be there again tomorrow. He hasn't been home until late all week. I have been home all week in the house with the boys who have been unruly and making a mess. So that is taking its toll too. I feel lonely and upset that I am hining about poor Papa Bear having to put in all these hours. He's the poor guy who is working 12-16 hours a day. Selfish of me to want him to be home so I can talk to someone other than the kids all day???? But that is how I feel right now and I can't help it. I'm bored, I'm sad, I'm lonely and I miss him. This is gonna be a long day.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Came and Went

Wilma came and went and thankfully made landfall further south than expected so we mainly got rain and lots of wind. We are missing a few shingles from the roof, have some leaning and broken palms, trees, and bushes and lost power for about an hour. Luckily we weren't here. We were in Orlando at Disney World enjoying the Riverside resort. The kids had fun at the Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party even though the majority of the time they were getting poured on. The rain started about 2 hours after we got there and stopped long enough for the fireworks and parade to take place (about 40 minutes) before pouring again. We had fun anyway. The decorations were great, there was lots of great yummy candy, and the lines were no more than a 5 minute wait. Most of the rides we walked up and got right on. We even did the Haunted Mansion this time around and all three boys liked it. Lots of fun! We'll go again next year for sure!!! Now we are working on the Christmas Party.....

We closed on the house finally!!! Wednesday morning the mortgage broker called and asked us to be in the office at 4pm so we went and signed the next hundred papers as if we were starting all over again to have the house. So my check comes in on Monday and then we get to start shopping for the pool, new car, and other things we will do with the money. That will be fun but I will not like watching it go.

Papa Bear and I will get a night away alone next weekend for the Bucs game. Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait! This weekend we will be decorating pumpkins and probably checking out new cars. So long Supra...hello new SUV to hold all of my kids!!! LOL

The boys are looking forward to Halloween. They have had a LONG break from school since it is closed all week due to Wilma and power outages in the area. Monday they are supposed to go back (hopefully) and then they get to come home, eat, and trick-or-treat! The Professor is a Power Ranger (Space Police type), Bam-Bam is Buzz Lightyear, and Lil' Michaelangelo is Mickey Mouse. They look really cute. At Disney everyone was calling Lil' Mikey "Boss" and asking him for a raise. When we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride the cast members kept saluting Bam-Bam and saying "Hey Buzz" at him which got him to grin. Hope they have fun around the neighborhood too!! :)

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Weekend of Wilma

Well we have decided to keep our plans and head up to Orlando for our reservations at Disney. I did, after hearing the news this monring, add one extra night onto our stay in case the weather is still bad on Monday morning so that we don't have to drive home in anything and we give it enough time to clear roads, etc, depending on any damage between there and our home. My SIL is heading up to Orlando today and is already stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on 75. Not looking forward to that happening! Dozer Dog will be bunking with my mother-in-law who refuses to leave her animals behind and thinks of our dog like he is one of her own animals so we know he'll be safe and comfy with her. She said if she has to leave they will all come with her no matter what! Hopefully it won't have to come to that.

Okay I need to finish taking down outside decorations and pickup all the crap in the yard. Off to prep for Wilma. Stay safe everyone and keep each other in your prayers!!! :)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wilma knocking on the FL Gulf Coast's door????

So will Wilma make an appearance here???? We have plans to go away this weekend so I am really hoping she makes a turn and heads elsewhere. King Papa Bear and I are trying to decide if we should ammend our Disney trip to Friday night only due to a possible hurricane threat. We have tickets and room ressies for Saturday and Sunday at Disney. Maybe we should change them, if we even can at this point. I don't know.

In other news - this pregnancy has me emotional and paranoid. I can cry over almost anything these days and everything said to me I wind up turning into something crazy. An example would be my dear husband making a comment to me that I should go to an upcoming ZTA alum social with some old FSC friends which I turned into him needing a break from me and wanting me to go out. Ridiculous isn't it????? It embarasses me to even see the words typed on the screen not to mention even thinking it in the first place. I can't believe how nutty these hormone changes make you. I feel like an ass most days. My insecurities heighten right about now - issues I have come out in full force. Dealing with Mom, being overweight, having to go through another labor, how can I be a good mom to 4 kids, etc... run through my head all day long. Makes me crazy. Makes me sound crazy as I read back my own words. When I was pregnant with Lil Michaelangelo, I was an insane cleaning machine. I was on hands and knees scrubbing floorboards up until an hour before going into labor. My house was immaculate. This time around I have been the laziest SOB I know. My house is a pig sty and NEEDS to be bombed by a Lysol Blimp. Ugh. I need to go finish work I put off yesterday and then maybe I can get my butt in gear and clean some of this mess I call a home.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday.....

The kids are all home today - off from school for Teacher Professional Duty Day. So the house will not be quiet or clean at all today. I have a lot of work to do and no desire to get any of it done. It was a long weekend and yet nothing was really accomplished- well the laundry is all done. Does that count??? :)
I have got a ton of recipes to start freezer cooking off of the internet so I am going to decide on a few to start with and make my master shopping list for them and get started probably next week. My SIL wants to do it with me, so we will see about that.
Looking forward to getting away this weekend! We leave Saturday for Disney and return Monday. We will be attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time this year so we are looking forward to that. The Professor decided to be a Power Ranger, Bam-Bam will be Buzz Lightyear and Lil' Michaelangelo will be Mickey Mouse. They each have glow in the dark personalized Mickey Mouse pumpkins we bought them a few years ago that they will wind up using so they are all set!
My OB appointment for today was cancelled so I need to reschedule for later in the week or next week. I actually felt fine all day yesterday - not tired and only nauseaus a few times. So hopefully this will be a turning point. One can hope.
I need to get my butt in gear and get some work done so I can get paid before we go this weekend!!! Blah. Better go.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday...So Far So Good

Let's see, I actually don't feel sick yet this morning. YET is the operative word there. Hopefully this will be a good day. I got alot of work accomplished yesterday so I have only a little to do today which means I should be doing some housework, laundry, etc but I don't feel like doing much. So I figured I would check in here and around the internet for a bit.
I am embarking on my freezer cooking again starting probably next week. So I will be looking up lots of recipes to use. Feel free to send me some that you know freeze well if you have them. I did this while I was pregnant with Alex and it was sooooo much easier. I used to do it all of the time but only do it occasionally now. So I am going to fill my freezers to the brim with meals, sauces, breads, etc to make life easier right now. Wish me luck.
We are supposed to close on the house next week with all the refinancing crap. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I can't wait to get the pool. That is the best part of all of this.
Looking to start Cod Liver Oil with Bam-Bam as it is supposed to do wonderful things for kids on the Spectrum. I guess we will see how he does with it. We are also looking into urinary testing for the GFCF diet as well as testing for mercury for him just to rule it out as an issue. Well I am hoping it will rule it out. I don't believe that those things are Bam Bam's main problem causes but you never know and I want to make sure we explore every option with him. My neice is helping out in the special needs class at her school since she has "experience" with an autistic child. She loves helping the kids in that class and she is great with them. Maybe she will be a future leader in the field - who knows!!! I am happy to see a positive effect from Bam-Bam on her though. He touches people like that.
Okay - off to check out doctors and labs for testing and start my new recipes search!!! Have a great day everyone!!! :)

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Forgetful Me... Late Update!

I'm sorry I never updated y'all on last weekend!!! It was quite eventful around here. Let's start with last Thursday....

I waited all day for the appraiser who never showed up for the refinancing but rescheduled Friday for Monday morning where he took about 5-10 minutes to walk through the house, make notes and leave. So that was worth the fuss. Thursday night was The Professor's play which was real cute. He did good! King Papa Bear and I watched it with my sister, my sister-in-law (who's daughter in in the same grade), my niece, and my mother-in-law and her boyfriend. Everyone enjoyed it. I couldn't believe how tall The Professor was in comparison to his classmates standing at the microphones. He is like his Dad.

Friday was The Professor's 8th birthday which in our house means you pick dinner and your celebration cake/dessert. He picked McDonalds and Carvel Ice Cream Cake. By the time King Papa Bear came home from work with dinner, The Professor was in bed with the light off with a slight fever. He hardly ate anything and declined his ice cream cake asking to have it another night. He wanted to get some rest to be "okay" for his party the next day. Luckily he woke up in the morning feeling fine. His party was fun and the magician did a great job - we ordered WAY TOO MUCH pizza for all who actually showed up but that's okay since my boys will eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner without a problem. The Professor was a little upset that no one from his class made it but we still had plenty of kids there.

Sunday was the Walk FAR for NAAR walk for autism Research. It was such a short walk!!! But we had a fun day with all the free food like hotdogs, pizza, snow cones, cotton candy, chips, donuts and so much more. The kids loved the bounce houses and the face painting clown station. We walked with our family of 5, my mom, my sister, my mother-in-law, her boyfriend, my sister-in-law, my 3 nieces, Bam-Bam's teacher and her husband so we had a good size team walking for Bam-Bam. We achieved our team goal of $500 and then some - we raised $840 total!!! :) Thanks to everyone who donated!!!! :) I even made it through the whole weekend without feeling too bad!!! I was probably too busy to notice!

So that was my recap of happenings for last week. We are supposed to close on our house sometime next week which will be great to get it over with! Not to mention I am looking forward to some of that equity money coming to put in the pool. The kids will be so excited to have it. I am clueless when it comes to all of that stuff so hopefully we won't spend too much on it.

We are looking fdorward to a short weekend in Disney for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Oct 22-24th. We are even going to let the kids miss school on Monday. It will be our first year attending this bash so we are looking forward to it.

I have a candle party at my sister-in-law's tonight, so that should be fun but work to do this weekend and house stuff. Blah. Hope your weekend is great!!! :)

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Awful to say

Is it awful for me to say I really dislike being pregnant??? Well not completely dislike but I am not fond of alot that comes along with it for me. There is the constant vomitting and nausea, being completely exhausted but also never being able to sleep through the night, insulin injections, finger pricking blood sugar tests, nightmares, and the list goes on and on. It is about 5:30am right now and I have been awake for hours due to an awful nightmare I had about my father. So real and upsetting, I woke up crying. This kind of thing only happens to me when I am pregnant and it drives me crazy. When I was pregnant with Bam-Bam, I had a dream that my grandmother who was dead was walking towards me and picked up my baby wrapped in a blanket in my arms and took him. She walked away and gave me a sad half smile and left with my child. For the entire pregnancy I was terrified I was going to lose the baby. My aunts on my father's side LOVE to analyze dreams....especially ones that contain their deceased parents and it drives me nuts. Out of the blue they will call me and tell me about some dream about me or one of my children. "Oh I died in your dream last night??? Well thanks for calling to let me know!" Jesus....
I would just like to sleep dream free for a while. Is that too much to ask????

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation with Tons of Info

Get your FREE Breast self-Exam Shower Card:

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