Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This and That

Good Morning.....

Hubby and I had a great weekend alone. We went to Disney and spent most of our time at Epcot which is our favorite place. We did lots of sitting and talking which was really nice to be able to do together. We even bumped into my BIL and SIL and their kids around the Worlds right before our dinner reservations in Japan. Oh that food was so yummy at dinner! We ate at Teppanyaki for the first time in years where the chef cooks at your table. They throw things around and are very rhythmic when they cook so when our chef showed up in an eye patch hubby, myself, and all the other diners at our table pushed back a bit not to sit too close in case his injury may have been due to his cooking show! LOL

We talked so much we actually decided on a name for this little bundle who will be making his appearance soon! Woo Hoo!!! My doctor's appointment showed my glucose results to be normal again! Finally a pregnancy without GD - diet or insulin!!! Of course I could not get all good news on my blood results because that would be too easy for me and pregnancy never is! My blood count is showing up low yet again. This generally means low iron and Anemia (I have had this issue before) but my iron count is fine and my blood count is lowering instead of increasing so he ran another CBC on me yesterday and I will get the results at my next appointment in two weeks or sooner if it is somehting serious - which I doubt. So we will see what the deal with that is soon enough. I would rather have that problem than diabetes again any day so all is well. My blood pressure is okay again and I did gain 1.5 pounds so he was happy.

I really need to get some work done but I have no desire to do it. My baby shower is this weekend at Mom's house. Should be fun, although the majority of the guests I hardly know since they are friends and co-workers of my mother's. Very odd that they all wanted to come but the more the merrier, right?

Alright, I am going to putz around online for a bit longer and then get my butt in gear and get some work done. If I finish early enough I can take Lil' Michaleangelo to the park and tire him out for a nap. And then I can maybe take one too!!! :)

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about My Sister Viewing The Professor's Birth?

My sister and I are about 3 years and 10 months apart, me being oldest. We were always very close. Granted we had the sibling fights that most children do both verbal and physical. I was always well versed in things whereas my sister was always a little more....shall we say naive.

When I found out I was pregnant with The Professor I was 19 years old and it was only 6 days before my 20th birthday which means My Sister was only 16 at the time. She was really good during my pregnancy helping me when I was sick and visiting. She liked to shop as most teenage girls did so baby shopping was fun to do together.

When I went into labor, I called my mother who lived about 30 minutes north of us. She stopped by the restaurant my sister worked at after school to pick her up and bring her to my house while we waited for Hubby to return from work as well. By the time everyone arrived at the house it was very near time for me to get to the hospital so I don't remember seeing her too much during the trip to the hospital or during check in.

My private birthing room was like party central! I had no idea who was actually in the room for the birth until long after my baby was here. Hubby could not manage the room and who was in it since I would not allow him to leave my side or let go of him in any way. I was going through this process au natural and I was in PAIN. So present at the birth was my husband, my mom, my step-father, my sister, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my other sister-in-law. Yes, a party...just like I said!

During the end of the labor before I began pushing I caught a glimpse of my sister standing near the oxygen machine they had my mask hooked up to - WHITE AS A GHOST. At that point it hit me that she should not have to watch this. So I yelled for my mother to please make her leave since she looked like she was going to get sick. My mother refused and said she should be part of the "miracle" as well. So I pleaded with my hubby to please make her leave. She wouldn't go even though I was begging her to. She looked hurt that I would not want her there. Of course I did want her there but I was so worried about her that I could hardly focus.

When I was pushing I completely forgot about her being there - or anyone being there actually other than my husband and my mother who were right there with me holding onto me. After The Professor made his debut, and hubby and I were through ooh-ing and ahh-ing all over him I remembered my sister! She was on the futon couch at that point with her hands on her head. Needless to say she had always been the prude-ish type so the entire process was a bit of a shock to her system I think.

After doing her own ooh-ing and ahh-ing over her new nephew, she whispered to me that her school should show that video in sex ed and everyone would remain abstinant for a real long time like she had just decided to do! :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Melanie

Things To Do or See Before the End of My Days

1. I want to live debt free - No credit cards, loans, mortgages, or anything.

2. I want to spend more time with all of our family members and friends as that time is VERY precious. Develop better relationships with those that are strained and continue to strengthen those that are strong.

3. I want to travel - All over Europe, Asia, Australia, etc and see it all with my very best friend, my hubby.

4. I want to spend some time in the towns my family originated from whether that will be a small village in Italy or a farm in Virginia and learn all I can about them

5. I want to go on an African safari

6. I want to sky dive

7. I want to go and swim with the dolphins

8. I want to write and publish a book. Most likely a children's book some how centered around special needs

9. I want to get my pilot's license

10. I want to go back to school - not to finish any kind of degree, per say but just to take classes on varieites of subject areas that peak my interest

11. I would like to tour the United States by motor home with my boys during their teenage years and my hubby to see all the amazing American sites

12. I want to become a champion activist for the causes that touch my heart - especially Autism. Volunteer, follow the cause, and lead as much as I can to help families go through the journey we are still on.

13. And finally.... I want to see my boys grow into happy, healthy and successful adults - hopefully raising happy families of their own.

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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Caffeine hasn't even helped me today!

    I am dragging today. I am just so tired. I didn't sleep well last night (that should be I don't sleep well most nights). My back is always an issue with this pregnancy. And then last night my little wanna-be soccer star decided to kick me most of the night which kept me awake too.
    I am one of those preggo mamas that really tries to behave the best I possibly can while pregnant and one of those behavior changes I make during pregnancy is nixing all caffeine. So no coffee unless it is decaf, herbal decaf tea only, and caffeine-free sodas is what I stick to other than my normal water or ice water drinks. Well since I am really off my kilter today, I stopped at Burger King on the way back from dropping my completed work off at the office and grabbed Lil' Michaleangelo a kids meal and myself a large regular coke.

    Not good enough. You would think the lack of caffeine I have had lately would have sent this rather large dose directly through me, but here I am still seconds away from closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep over this keyboard. I want to sleep! Can I please??? Could you please come here and watch my terrible toddler so I can catch even 3 winks???? That would be ever so nice of you.....and I would sell you my soul at this point for some uninterrupted Zzzz's! So, is it a deal??? What time should I expect you???? ;)

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    Monday, February 20, 2006

    My Monday Memory

    Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about The First Time I Realized How Much Papa Bear Loved Me???

    Yes I realize this will be sappy and probably more sickening than most can handle but it's my memory and I was thinking about it last night so here it is today.

    First a quick history lesson on our relationship - we were best friends for a while before we started dating. I was still seeing my high school sweetheart who I had planned to marry but called off the engagement and he was dating whoever at the time too. We were inseparable and confided everything to each other. My mother LOVED him so much and asked me to please marry him instead which drove me crazy - especially when she would tell my current boyfriend over and over that I was out with Papa Bear even though I would be out with 10 people she would only say his name to cause trouble. And God did we argue like hell then! LOL Looking back on it now, I guess that is why we don't argue anymore because we did it so much then. People would ask us why we were such good friends when all we did was fight and Papa Bear would answer them that one day he was gonna marry me so he was sticking around. Never knew that he said that until we ran into an old friend a year after our marriage who told me....but I regress from my memory! Anyway, we finally started dating in April 1996.

    My father lived in New Jersey at the time so in June 1996 for Father's Day my sister and I flew up to see him for a week as a present. Papa Bear and I had been more inseparable as a couple than we were as friends if that could be believed so this was really hard being away from him and my heart was literally aching I missed him so much. But being the strong female I thought I should be at the time there was no way in hell I was gonna admit how much to him or anyone else. I talked to him a few times during my stay in Jersey and he did not let on how much he was missing me either. The day we were coming home I called him with the flight info because he wanted to be able to "check" the flight status, etc.

    Our flight was delayed 2 hours! Ugh! It was hell. We finally landed back in FL after 1am. I was exhausted and probably looking ever so wonderful. I walked out to the main waiting area looking for my mother who was picking us up. Mom waved with a silly smile on her face and then motioned over to the other side of the airport. There was my sweetie. Dressed to impress - he was in a button up shirt and tie with dress pants. He was holding a dozen white roses (my favorite) and a wrapped gift. His face lit up when he saw me walking towards him and that was when I had the inkling that he loved me as much as he did. Then I opened the card he had made for me (he has quite the artistic talent both then and now). He wrote it all out there. Everything he was feeling, ever dream he had for us, everything...which I will not share details with you because they are just for the two of us (and might really make you cry...or get sick, lol) but I could still recite that card word for word and I still have it to this day along with the crystal couple dancing figure that was in the box. Two months later he proposed to me. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Tissue anyone????

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    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Better than I thought

    Well the kids faired much better than I thought they would this weekend. Lil' Michaelangelo is fine after his middle of the night episode...nothing further so I guess something just did not agree with his stomach. Bam-Bam still has a runny nose but he will be fine. The Professor has not showed any signs of sickness so he should be okay too! Woo Hoo! Now if only I could swallow!

    We went to a bowling birthday party yesterday. It was The Professor's first time bowling so he was very excited! I took all three kids there and hubby met up with us there about 15 minutes into the party. Poor Bam-Bam was on sensroy overload. We walked through the door and he started shaking his head saying "no, no, no Ma" But I told him to try to come to the table with the kids. so I got him over to the party table and the first bal hit the pins to make that fabulous smacking noise and that was it! He was flapping his hands and jumping up and down...it was just too much for him to handle. "all done Ma, all done." So as soon as Papa Bear got there, he said his hello's and then left with Bam-Bam to go home. The Professor enjoyed bowling. He even wound up bowling two strikes! Lil' Michaleangelo was the cheerleader at first clapping and jumping up and down to celebrate what each child was able to do with their turn. He was amazed with the ball return and kept sticking his face directly in front of the hole waiting for a ball to appear. He was driving me crazy because I just knew he was going to get hurt, which luckily he did not. My sister was bowling with some of the adults in the next lane (it was her old roommate's son's birthday party) so she let Lil' Michaelangelo bowl with her a few times. He got her two gutterballs so she was done having him "help" her on her turns! LOL The kids had lots of fun so I promised The Professor that we would take him again sometime....minus his brothers of course! Sounds like a good Papa Bear and The Professor day out together to me! He likes the one on one time with his Dad on occasion! ;) Yesterday Bam-Bam got it instead since Daddy took him to Mc Donald's after leaving the bowling alley and then they went and played basketball together for a bit before heading home. So he did have some fun too. I felt so bad for him that he just could not stay. So we add that to our list of places too much for him still - 1) movie theaters 2) dark enclosed rooms like theaters, arcades, auditoriums, etc and now 3) bowling alleys. Oh well! He had fun with Daddy anyway so it worked out!

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    Friday, February 17, 2006

    I Can't Swallow

    This damn crazy weather! The other morning it was 39 degrees here and today we are going up to 82 degrees. So we went from heat on in the house to a/c again which means I can't swallow now! Bam-Bam has a runny nose and cough too which is never good since he lacks the ability of oral motor function to stop himself from gagging when he coughs and just throws up everytime. Speaking of vomit (TMI, I apologize) but last night Lil' Michaleangelo came into my room and woke me up saying "Ew mama, yucky" so I assumed that meant his diaper was in need of a change but it wasn't so then he motioned for me to follow him and said "Let's go mama" so I followed him out to the couch where I found my other two boys camped out under a blanket with the dog and then Lil' mikey points to the corner of the couch where he had been sleeping and said "Ew. Yucky." He threw up all over the couch and floor. So I was cleaning that up at 3am and giving him a quick bath. This morning I ripped the covers off the cushions for the couch and threw them in the wash just to make sure there is no lingering smell. Ugh. Why do I have this feeling that by the end of the weekend we will all be sick with something whether it is a cold and cough or a stomach bug. :(

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    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Thursday Thirteen

    Thursday Thirteen

    Thirteen Things about Melanie

    13 Things I am Thinking About Today

    1. Wildwood - We are taking a trip to Wildwood, NJ July1-8 and are renting a condo for the week. My father's siblings and their families will be staying in another condo in the same complex, and Dad will be coming down from CT too. Should be a blast to all be together. My sister just booked her own place to stay yesterday so I have an extra bedroom now in my condo. Maybe I can talk Dad into staying with us instead of getting his own place. The boys would love it.

    2. Work - I have about 80 pieces I need to start working on for Monday sometime today. Have been a real SLACKER when it has come to work lately.

    3. Bills - I have a ton of bills that I need to pay out between today and tomorrow. I didn't send them out when we got them like normal and they are all approaching due dates by next week! I am slacking in all departments I guess!

    4. Italy - We are planning on going to Italy to see Rome, Venice and Florence in August 2007 for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I get to book this trip this August so I have 6 months to research and plan it before booking. I am still so undecided on whether a tour trip or going it on our own would be best. Have to do some more searching.

    5. Boys Names - We are *STILL* undecided on a name for this poor child. He is due in about 2 months and is still not named. Poor Baby! At least we are narrowing down the list. The Professor keeps adding his choices which as of lately are Mac or Rick. Ugh.

    6. Shopping - I am trying to figure out a way to better plan my meals weekly to cut down on food shopping costs each week. Adding another child to the family will add more shopping list expenses and we already pay lots each week shopping, so any ways to save I am willing to try. Maybe a meal calendar?? Maybe freezer cooking again full force? I am tired of spending $150-$200 a week on food, healthcare, cleaners, etc at Walmart!

    7. Yard and Exterior Home Cleanup - I need to call around for estimates on a one time cleanup for my yard to rip out some bushes, trim trees, etc and all that yucky yard work I despise. I also need to get the house pressure washed and probably repainted so need to see how much that will all cost. The bug man will be coming in 2 weeks to do the entire yard for fire ants for the yearly treatment.

    8. House Cleanup - Yup, the nesting is hitting full force now and I have a HUGE list of to do things around the house to clean and organize. I am thinking later today I will tackle the laundry room. Pull out the washer and dryer and clean under and behind them, make sure it is organized in there, etc. But I should probably wait for King Papa Bear to move the appliances since he will have a coronary if he knows I did it right now given my current preggo state. Hmmm...I know there is something else on that list I can attempt to accomplish without him.

    9. Garage - Hubby really needs to finish the remodeling he started on the garage and get the stuff he has piling in the corner out there into the attic storage space. I am running out of space to hold the overstock of items that need to go up there. Maybe if I block his stuff he needs out there like his MOTORCYCLE parts with the boxes that he will get the hint???

    10. Bloodwork - I should hopefully have my glucose results from last week's test tomorrow. Wondering if I will have to go take the 3 hour test next....hoping and praying that I do not.

    11. Why relax? - Yesterday I promised hubby I would take the day off and do much of nothing. So I did that for the most part. He cleaned up the house before leaving for work in the morning and ran all the clothes in the washer from the day before so I wouldn't worry about it. So I played online, read a book, played with Lil' Michaelangelo and visited with Mom. Last night we had dinner and cake and the mess from the kids playing all afternoon and evening and all of the "festivities" leftovers was here waiting for me this morning. So why bother taking the day and night off if I have to clean the mess anyway the next day???

    12. North Carolina - Hubby's office is considering building a sattelite office in North Carolina sometime in the next year or two. Nothing definite of course, but they would give hubby the option to go and run the office. So I want to look at possible services for Bam-Bam offered by the state there for Autism. Anything would be better than what crap Florida offers.

    13. Sleep - I can't sleep at night anymore. Always hot, never comfy, my back always aches and I get pains and aches everywhere (not to mention charlie horses!). I hate this stage of pregnancy and being so damn uncomfortable. I could easily close my eyes and sleep sitting here at the desk! But a nap is certainly not in the cards for me today. Maybe I will try some sleepytime tea tonight before bed and see if I can pass out early. I could always DVR my Thursday night shows....

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    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Well Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Hope you get lots of lovin' from those around you...and don't eat too much chocolate or you will wind up with a tummy ache! No plans here tonight other than Applebees take out and relaxing. We go away one week from Saturday alone so we will do our V-Day celebrating then!

    This afternoon was bittersweet. Bam-Bam's old teacher came in this afternoon to see all of the kids and was outside with them when I got there to get him. It was so great to see her. One of the aides was commenting on how Bam-Bam would not let her out of his sight - constantly holding her hand, following her around the class, etc When it was time to go he was hugging her and jabbering on and on at her. As we walked away he kept turning around to yell and wave BYE at her over and over again. I told her he was going to be heartbroken tomorrow when she was not there. She is certainly missed in that class. :(

    I actually made some progress around the house. The Professor's room is done - closet cleaned, organized, and old toys gone. All laundry in the house is currently washed! I am working on folding and putting it away. The whole house minus my room and Bam-Bam and Lil' Michaelangelo's room are cleaned and scrubbed. It smells like Orange Pine-sol in here so bad I had to kill the heat and open the windows since it was making me sick. LOL Oh well, the house looks good besides those two rooms which I will hopefully have cleaned out and organized by the weekend.

    Mother is coming tomorrow for lunch for my birthday. That should be nice and awkward. We have a hard time holding a conversation these days that is not centered around one of the kids. No idea why but that is our relationship, so I deal. Lil' Michaelangelo gets to come so that should break the silence while I try to keep his table manners in check where ever we wind up going out to eat. Should be quite the feat for a Terrible Two.... "No way Mama" That is his current favorite phrase and it drives me insane.

    Well back to the massive laundry pile on my bed that needs folding and to switch the last load into the dryer with the spare blankets from the linen closet! Woo Hoo!!! That is until King Papa Bear gets home and empties his gym bag complete with sweaty outfit and damp towel, undresses from his work clothes, and makes almost one more load all by himself! :) Gotta love him though.

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    Monday, February 13, 2006

    My First Monday Memories....

    I have been reading these on LadyBug Crossing and thought I would attempt it as well!

    Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about Ice Cream with the Aunts???

    When we were young, my sister and I spent lots of time at my grandparents house. They lived about 30 minutes south of us in New Jersey in a small everyone knows everyone else town called Pequannock. My two aunts, D and L, lived with them along with D's son Jay. So my sister, myself and Jay were always together at the house playing.

    My grandparents loved to food shop. They made a day out of it. They would travel from store to store buying each sale item and their specific favorites from that store. A regular trip would take them all day Saturday. They would go from PathMark, to Shoprite, to A&P and stop somewhere along the line up at KMart which at that time had a small cafeteria in the back of the store where they would have a hotdog, fries and a soda. They would return to fill the already over-flowing cabinets in the kitchen, storage pantry in the cellar and if needed leave bags of canned food, bottles of soda, and other non-perishables in the corner of the sun porch. These were their outings and they loved them.

    As we visited and stayed for the weekend, we would stay with D and L while the grandparents made their rounds at all of their favorite grocery stores. One weekend, they went out on their shopping date fairly late in the afternoon so we had dinner and then wanted to have a Make Your Own Sundae party with D and L and Jay. So we set up all of the yummy stuff all over the dining room. We had three different flavors of ice cream and lots of toppings including Hershey's syrup, sprinkles, M&Ms, nuts, cherries, etc. D and L were a bit on the mellow side so imagine my surprise when L took a heaping spoonful of chocolate ice cream and THREW it at me. Well that was it. It was a full fledged ice cream fight between the five of us. There was ice cream everywhere - dripping from the china cabinet, in our hair, all over the floor and even dripping from the lamp hanging over the table. My sister was trying to hide under the table so Jay decided to take the hershey's syrup and squirt it all over my sister's nice white sweatshirt which happened to belong to my mother! Finally my sister really became involved in the fight too and ice cream and toppings were flying across the room. When who should come through the front door to witness this havoc, shopping bags in hand???? Yes, my grandparents. They sent us (the kids) straight to the bathrooms to bathe and berated my aunts for carrying on and making such a mess. We were allowed to go watch a movie upstairs while the aunts were made to CLEAN the entire dining room alone after they admitted to starting the whole charade. Ahh...memories!

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    Friday, February 10, 2006

    TGIF...Tons of stuff to do

    I have so much to do today. I have been such the slacker lately that it will all come down to getting things done today and this weekend.
    Today I have to go take my other glucose test at the OB office. I also need to get my ass to the post office to send out the swap package for SSM that has been sitting on my breakfast bar for DAYS! I have to finish working on two boxes of orders for my BIL to be done for Monday morning. I desperately NEED to clean - really deep clean - this house starting with finishing up the kids bedrooms. Must release the funk from the boys rooms....why are little boys so gross??? Ick. Have to try to teach them to be clean like Mommy. Good luck with that, right??? If I could just get them to aim better in the bathroom right now I would be happy.
    We decided to put off the alone trip this weekend until the 25th when the prices are better for the resorts. So instead I get to work around the house and finally begin some of my baby prep.
    My baby shower is cmoing up soon on March 5th. That should be interesting. I think half of the guest list are friends of my mother's that she knows and works with who I may have met once or twice. Being my fourth child, I am not going to be surprised so I know all that is going on except for anything about any gifts. But the guest list, menu, games, etc have all been run by me for an approval of some sort. I keep trying to tell Mom that she doesn't have to go nuts but she is an entertainer and supreme hostess at heart and could not put on a show less than her best effort at any time.
    Now wasn't I just rambling about all I had to do today and this weekend but yet I am gabbing it up on here. I could at least get a load or two of laundry going before my bloodwork! Ugh. I'm off!

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    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Thursday Thirteen

    Thursday Thirteen

    Thirteen Things about Melanie

    13 TV shows I Watch

    Hey, I have 3 kids with one on the way so I do not have an exciting life, what can I say????

    1. LOST - Jack and Sawyer....oh my! Need I say more??? But I will. Love the crazy twisty story lines in this show and how when you think one thing is happening it is really something else. Can't wait to see what plays out next!

    2. 24 - I am such a Jack Bower fan! I love the frantic nature of this show.

    3. Survivor - I have watched every season but one. My very favorite Reality show. Ruppert is still my all time favorite....and I still loathe Rob and Amber. Blah.

    4. American Idol - I will admit it....I do watch this show. The ridiculous try outs in the beginning always get me hooked. Some are great and others are like the car wreck you just can't help but look at.

    5. The OC - I DVR this every week and watch it sometime before the next week's episode. It brings me back to my 90210 days. And I just love quirky Seth.

    6. CSI (Las Vegas) - Love this show. Can't get into the other CSI's for some reason but this one I love to watch and hardly miss. C'mon...the guys aren't too bad to look at and you know the way they solve the crime is too interesting not to grab your attention most days. Gotta love Gil and all his "useless" knowledge, although not useless in his line of work, apparently!

    7. The Amazing Race - I would so go do this show if I did not have my kids to worry about. The travel and different things these people get to experience would be great in itself and the money wouldn't be too bad either!!!

    8. Everybody Loves Raymond - I just laugh and laugh everytime I see it. I watch the re-runs almost every night with hubby. I guess we can really relate to this show since we are married with kids and have nutty family members too.

    9. Law and Order SVU - This show is capitvating mainly because I want to see the sick criminal punished. Sometimes it gets too real for me to handle watching. Especially some of the storylines involving the young children. But I watch most weeks anyway. Although I can't get the naked convict Elliot played from HBO's Oz out of my head when I see him so I have a hard time taking him seriously!

    10. The Sopranos - I'm a Jersey Girl at heart and this show reminds me of home! ;) Not to mention every time I watch I can point out where they are filming. I love mafia movies and shows so why not this one! All of the old Italian addages, foods and other things remind me of my grandmother and her family so it is always fun to watch. Can't wait for it to start again!

    11. Seinfeld - Yup, I can still watch all of these re-runs too and laugh and laugh and laugh. My favorites are the Soup Nazi episode and the one where Elaine dances. Oh. My. God. How I laugh when she dances!

    12. Days of Our Lives - Don't get to watch this one too often but I am a fan of DAYS and even after I miss a few months of it I can turn it on and pretty much pick up on the storyline again within a show or two! lol They are all pretty much the same, aren't they??? Bo and Hope together or not, Marlena in peril and John trying to save her, Sami is scheming, and the rest of the norm.... :) And yet still we watch....

    13. Sex and the City - Still watch the re-runs on this one too on occasion since I missed most of the last season. Don't know why the show makes me watch. I hated Carrie when she broke Aidan's heart! And Miranda and Steve drove me insane. Charlotte is annoying although loved her with Harry. And Samantha is well...nasty but you have to watch them all! So I do.

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    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Gonna be a day....

    Well The Professor came into my rom last night asking me for school clothes - I had washed all of his uniform pants before bed and threw them in a basket in my room instead of folding and putting them away. I was telling him where they were when through half asleep eyes I realized what my alram clock said - 2:10am!!!! The child wakes up at about 5am every morning so the fact that it was dark outside didn't phase me, but he woke up and figured it was time to start the day. He had already showered and everything and was waiting for his clothes WIDE AWAKE. Needlesss to say hubby and I tried to convince him to go back to sleep but he did not fall asleep again until after 5am. So I let him sleep this morning and now he is home with me which means I had to reschedule my bloodwork this morning for Friday morning. Right now he is awake and in cleaning his room that he did not finish last night.... didn't I tell you??? Luckily his teacher sends home a work list every Monday so he knows what work to do from the books he has home that way he won't be too behind from the day off. We did finish his projects last night before dinner and I must say his Family Hat came out really good! His valentines's mailbox has a couple of red and white hearts on it near his name in gold glitter but other than that it is decorated in characters he drew from Teen Titans, Cartoon Network shows, etc.. So he followed directions and did include traditional Valentine's Day decor and his own little twist. ;)
    Still feeling a little off today so I am going to attempt to take it easy as much as possible but do a little work, a little laundry, and some straightening up at least so I don't have too much to do for tomorrow. I actually kept a bagel down this morning so that is a good sign.
    LOST is on tonight. God I love that show!!! I have started to become such an addict that even though we have a DVR I will not make any plans for Wednesday nights to be home for it! Unless there is a school function that is the only way I will miss it! Isn't that insane??? Anything else I will DVR and watch later except LOST. I am not a crazy fan that looks for all the hidden symbols or anything like that but I have been watching since the premiere and haven't missed one show....it's so good!! If you don't watch it - why the hell not!?!?!? You should! ;)
    Here it is almost 11am and I have hardly done a thing...well I did run one load of laundry so far and took out the garbage this morning so there are two things done, but I really need to do more. So off I go to do something productive. Maybe I will check my email one more time first ... ;)

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    Icky or Gross...I feel icky and gross today

    I really feel just gross today. I know "gross" doesn't really do the feeling justice but for lack of a better word we will use it. Gross. I think I could take maybe 5 showers and still have this gross feeling over me. I am so sleepy and really nauseous. I have already gotten sick a few times today which is never good for me because then it will continue all day. I have a bunch of work I need to do today and I really need to get into Bam-Bam and Lil' Michaelangelo's room to finish cleaning it out and getting rid of toys tonight for garbage day tomorrow. So how much do you think I can get done when all I really want to do is take a nap????
    Tomorrow I have to go for another glucose test. Yippee....hopefully I will test "normal" and not have to take the 3 hour one this time around. Feeling GROSS today, the last thing I want to do is drink that syrup in the morning. But I will have to deal and pray it stays down.
    The Professor and I have to work on his Valentine's Day Mailbox for class today and his Fun Day Hat for his weekly Family Foundations project after his regular homework is completed. Then I will get to battle with him to clean up his messy room until he falls asleep in a pile of crap that he was complaining about having to pick up. Not in the mood for it today, so he better just clean the room up or I will wind up putting everything on the floor in the garbage! Mean Mom. Mean Mom is tired and gross and not going to deal with confrontation today so he will have to do his chores for once with little to no resistance or suffer through my gross and cranky wrath. Nice, huh??? The poor kid isn't even home yet and I am already imagining this horrible outcome of events. I need to go lay down! Tomorrow I will be somewhat normal again I hope.

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    Monday, February 06, 2006

    We're Back!

    We are back and had lots of Dinsey fun. The Polynesian is an awesome resort and may quickly become a new favorite for all of us. We hit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, had a character breakfast at Ohana with Lilo, Stitch, Pluto and Mickey and made it on lots of rides in each park. It was a good weekend. I am looking forward to getting there this weekend just hubby and I alone though to explore Epcot a little more and see some things in MGM too that the kids don't like.

    Friday I had an OB appointment that I thought would be easy but I wound up in trouble. Felt like I was in grade school getting reprimanded by my teacher.... I got in "trouble" for dropping 4 pounds in 5 weeks, my sugar was a little too high and my blood pressure was elevated again. Well - I don't know why I lost weight. I have hardly been getting sick and I have been eating so no idea what happened there. Blood pressure - I don't know why. Sugar - No idea. I haven't been eating too many sweets at all, staying off the juice, etc - I know the drill since I have had Gestational Diabetes before. So I had nothing to say in my defense other than the "I dunno" answer I can't stand giving but couldn't help. Now I have to go in and take another glucose test on the 8th. Blah. Then I get to start going every 3 weeks for checkups now.

    Ick...the dog just got sick on my carpet! Gotta run

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    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    Check in quick....

    Well no one can ever say King Papa Bear is not spontaneous by nature because he loves these spur of the moment trips! He called Disney before me and booked us there for this weekend at the Polynesian. We have never stayed there before so I am looking forward to it. So we leave tomorrow after the kids get home from school. They have no idea, so we are gonna pack the car before getting them (he'll be home early from work) and then leave and let them know on the way there where we are going. They'll be excited! ;)

    So now this means tons of laundry to do, a house to clean, packing to do, etc so we are all set for tomorrow. No desire to do any of it. Looking more forward to next weekend when hubby has booked a Saturday night getaway for just the two of us and the day at Epcot and my sister will stay here with the boys! Woo Hoo!!! Then I will be more motivated to get things done! Right now no one is staying here this weekend so why clean for the dog??? And even he gets a mini-vacation to Grandma's house while we are gone! Eh... better go finish making dinner and get m rear end in gear. Hopefully I can have the house cleaned in time to fold the clothes in front of the TV and watch CSI....

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    Thursday 13

    Thursday Thirteen

    Thirteen of my Favorite Things at Disney World

    How can she only pick thirteen you ask??? Well it was a hard list to make but I think I got it covered!!!!

    1. The World Showcase at Epcot - I can spend hours upon hours walking through the countires and chatting with the cast members through there. I always find somehting new to see.

    2. Wishes - This is my absolute favorite fireworks show of all time! They have really outdone themselves with the "magic" of this show. And how the heck do they get the hearts, faces and such to appear???

    3. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - In the 10 years I have been going to Disney World with my hubby this is a must stop at place for food. It is his favorite but has also become one of mine. How can you pass up the little alien playing his organ while you eat???

    4. The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom. I love emerging from the nature covered trail starting off at the Oasis and continuing over the bridge to be right in front of the tree. We always love to try to find and identify as many animals as we can on each visit and as the boys get older they can pick out many more - even more than I can!

    5. Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at MGM. I am a huge thrill ride fan and this one is pretty much my favorite one out all of 4 theme parks "thrill" rides. I can't wait to have the baby so I can go on it again!!!! And I love Aerosmith so what better way to experience the ride then with them and their music???

    6. Soarin' at Epcot. Oh my how I love this ride. It is more new, but has already made my must see list for the trips. It is such a cool sensation to feel like you are in flight over California. I, for one, who have never been to California love to see the sights on this ride even more, I guess. Need to remember to leave sandals on floor before ride starts though....always scared to lose them!

    7. Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom. This is one of my favorite restaurants. We like to eat here right around parade time and get a seat near a window when possible so the boys can see the parade and characters while we eat. Their food is fabulous and who doesn't like to eat and be visited by Minnie or Pluto or other Disney friends dressed in period attire!

    8. Coronado Springs Resort This is my favorite on site property to stay at while we are at Disney. It is affordable and there is lots to do. The kids especially love the huge pyramid pool and the dig site. Hubby and I love the lake view at sunset and the hammocks off the beach. The grounds are beautiful and we really like the atmosphere!

    9. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba is out of this world!!! You must go see it if you have not already! I can't wait to go back and see it again and again and again....and again.

    10. Cinderella's Castle Must I elaborate??? Day or night the view of the castle is gorgeous and always fills me instantly with that Disney Magic!!! I love walking down Main Street and seeing the huge ear to ear grins on the boys faces as they stare at the castle. Eating inside at Cinderella's Royal Table is a treat to experience and another must do!

    11. The Living Seas at Epcot. I love to look at all of the marine life and the huge tanks of fish with the kids. We spend hours in there just watching. The dolphins are by far my favorite. But just how cute is seeing Nemo in real life (clown fish) ????

    12. The Innovations Fountains at Epcot. I can sit outside by the fountains forever and watch them. Disney Trivia for you - did you know that these fountains represent international cooperation and understanding??? Representatives from 22 countries each poured a gallon of water from their home countries into the fountain during opening!!! Little tidbit for ya! ;) (Yes I know I am a Disney nerd, but in my defense I did have to look up the exact number again before posting because I couldn't remember if it was 20 or 25 or something else. So I am not too geeky....lol)

    13. The Disney "Magic" The feeling of pure exhileration as you step into the park and truly feel like you are at home. The wonderful feeling of that inner child in you wanting to burst out and play. Your own children smiling brightly at each new thing they see. The magic is all part of the experience ...so no grumps allowed!!! LOL

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    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    What's Up

    Yesterday was Bam-Bam's teacher's last day and it was sad saying goodbye to her. She was hugging the kids goodbye crying like crazy. Bam-Bam sat in her lap on the ground during dismissal in the courtyard trying to wipe her tears away and smiling right in her face at her which probably made it worse for her. I know she will actually try to stay in touch with each one to see how they are doing because that is just how much she does care. We met the new teacher yesterday - she is the stereotypical kindergarten looking teacher with the small sweet voice. I guess we will see how she does. I am a little worried about how Bam-Bam will react not having Miss Maribel there, but he should be okay for today - by Friday we will see how he is really doing without her. The new teacher has some BIG shoes to fill.

    King Papa Bear surprised me last night with a little thing he had been hiding in preparation for my birthday in 2 weeks. Apparently he has been "banking" his overtime hours at work only allowing them to pay him for 2 or 3 each week so I wouldn't notice hours missing since the first of the year so he has a nice amount of overtime built up to do something for my birthday. We talked it over last night and decided it would be better to do a weekend away as a family and then a day away for my birthday the weekend after the date alone that way we don't feel guilty! LOL So we are gonna book a weekend at Disney soon (in the next week or two) for all of us and then go away for a day and night probably for the weekend after my birthday for just us. I am looking forward to them both. We haven't had the kids in Disney since the beginning of December so they are definitely having withdrawls and there are lots of specials right now for both annual passholders and FL residents so we can go fairly cheap! Going to look into it today and see what I can get booked for us.

    Have to do a little reorganizing today in both bedrooms today for the boys. This will mean getting rid of some toys and stuffed animals which I think is just as hard for me to do sometimes as it is for them. I mean I still have a box in my closet with a few of my favorites from childhood - Baby Beth doll that Grandma and Grandpa gave me when I was about 6 whose real eyes are missing so I painted them on. A Preemie Cabbage Patch Doll (named Justin) who has a pierced ear complete with a cubic zirconia diamond stud earring that I pierced as a pre-teen. A few teddy bears. A Yankee Troll doll and probably a few others I can't remember until I open the box and ooh and ahh over all of the memories!

    Baby preparations are in progress finally around here which is one reason for reorganizing the boys' rooms. My fabulous SIL came bearing baby gifts for me the other day - a Graco travel system (stroller and baby carseat/carrier), two infant car seat bases, crib bedding set, Jumper-roo, and an infant bouncy seat!!! I now actually have some things for the baby! Woo Hoo!!! Now all the poor thing needs is a NAME!!!!! What the hell is wrong with us that we are having such a hard time naming this child???? The other three were so easy but this one is just not working out for some reason. Hopefully we will have something picked out before the delivery room!

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